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You may have seen this in the news last week, but Scottish employment is an at all time high and unemployment is at it’s lowest rate in 25 years.  All good news for people looking for work, but it does create a challenge for employers as there are many reports confirming a skills shortage.


I’m really fortunate that I get to work with dozens of businesses and have lots of variety in my role.  As I’m working on site with so many clients each week, and in and out of their businesses, I pick up on a lot of things that go on, particularly things that affect morale.  I rarely hear people complain about not being paid enough but one of the common phrases I do here is not having the tools to do the job.

This reminds me of a question that used to get asked in the annual staff satisfaction survey – do you have the right tools to do your job? 

   How to Support Your Staff During The School Summer Holidays

I'm just back from my summer holiday, having spent 10 days out in Spain enjoying some sunshine!  We're now into the third week of the school holidays in Scotland and the schools down south break off today.  As such, we are well into the summer season, and many of us are getting ready to pack our sun glasses to enjoy our time off this summer.

The long-running saga of holiday pay may be coming to an end.

We have discussed these cases on various blogs and newsletters over the last couple of years. Both the European Court of Justice and the Employment Appeal Tribunal service have ruled in favour of Mr Lock, a commission-earning British Gas employee who questioned holiday pay and how it was calculated.

In this week's Question of the Week Emma Baker answers "My employee has resigned, is there anything I need to do?"


My employee has resigned, is there anything I need to do?


In short yes.

In this weeks question of the week, Alistair answers "Can Employees see Their HR File?"


An employee has asked to see their personnel file, am I obliged to do show them all information?


Under the Data Protection Act 1998, an employee is entitled to submit a written request for access to any personal data about them.

In an ideal world, the workplace would be a harmonious place with employees and managers

Employee complaints need to be faced up to, sooner rather than later working together peacefully but unfortunately this isn't always the case.

Staff are a Company’s biggest asset, employee retention needs to be a key priority.

Managing expenditure is one of the most fundamental requirements to keep a company profitable, but without question one of the biggest costs is employee-related.