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This time of year, we find ourselves extremely busy supporting clients looking for advice on issues with absence, bullying, sexual harassment, misconduct, drink driving and other employment related matters that have occurred due to the annual Christmas party.

We’re not the HR police, but we don’t want to see you suffering a hangover this Christmas having to deal with HR issues following what should be a time of celebration. 

It’s important that you realise the potential issues which could arise as a result of a Christmas party whether this is in the office, within working hours, out of hours or away from the office.  Regardless of when and where you hold the event, this is seen as an extension of the workplace and normal employment rules apply around behaviour.


We are approaching the end of another year and everyone is starting to plan their staff Christmas party. This is also the time of year that professionals receive a high number of calls following the Christmas party.

We want to give you some top tips on the work’s Christmas party so you can plan with caution.


Businesses these days are very good at communicating with their customers or prospective customers, particularly with the use of social media.

However, how effective are you at communicating with your staff?  Communication (or lack of) is still one of the main areas of concern we hear from employees.  Are you doing enough to communicate internally?

Why Employee Development Saves Money

There are fewer aspects of management as neglected as employee development. Most employers onboard employees and essentially set them free in the workforce, leaving them with the burden of development, advancement, and more.


You may have seen this in the news last week, but Scottish employment is an at all time high and unemployment is at it’s lowest rate in 25 years.  All good news for people looking for work, but it does create a challenge for employers as there are many reports confirming a skills shortage.


I’m really fortunate that I get to work with dozens of businesses and have lots of variety in my role.  As I’m working on site with so many clients each week, and in and out of their businesses, I pick up on a lot of things that go on, particularly things that affect morale.  I rarely hear people complain about not being paid enough but one of the common phrases I do here is not having the tools to do the job.

This reminds me of a question that used to get asked in the annual staff satisfaction survey – do you have the right tools to do your job? 

   How to Support Your Staff During The School Summer Holidays

I'm just back from my summer holiday, having spent 10 days out in Spain enjoying some sunshine!  We're now into the third week of the school holidays in Scotland and the schools down south break off today.  As such, we are well into the summer season, and many of us are getting ready to pack our sun glasses to enjoy our time off this summer.

The long-running saga of holiday pay may be coming to an end.

We have discussed these cases on various blogs and newsletters over the last couple of years. Both the European Court of Justice and the Employment Appeal Tribunal service have ruled in favour of Mr Lock, a commission-earning British Gas employee who questioned holiday pay and how it was calculated.