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What do your employees want?

It’s getting harder to attract quality candidates to come and work for you, and finding the right staff is a phrase we hear often from our clients.

Are you finding it difficult to attract and retain good quality people?

Do you understand what your employees want?

Earlier this year, research by the job board CV Library showed that that 84% of UK workers were looking for a new job, with 36% stating that they disliked their current role. 

The challenge for you is not just to attract new employees, but to retain them too. The only way to do so is to create an environment that engages, excites and encourages your existing and prospective people.

Here are 4 things that should be on your radar for 2018 and will help you give what your employees want:

Employee engagement is more than keeping your staff happy or satisfied, although both are important goals to work for, satisfied or happy staff are not necessarily engaged. Engaged staff have well-defined roles in the organisation making strong contributions, actively connected to their organisation, and are continuously progressing.

An engaged workplace encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve business performance.

An exit interview is an informal meeting with an outgoing employee before they leave. It gives your business an opportunity to obtain frank, honest feedback from an employee who has chosen to leave your employment.

For employees, exit interviews are one of the last deep conversational interactions they may have with your business and it can allow the employee the chance to give an open and honest review of their experience with your business.

Get your employees communicating and supporting each other by sending them on a team assault course.

One of the best ways to improve employee engagement is to get your staff working together. We completely understand that traditional team building exercises can be boring and cringe worthy, which is why we have taken the time to come up with six employee engagement ideas your staff are sure to love! Check them out below.

Scottish Referendum Getting Closer

18th September is getting closer and the first real TV debate started this evening.  The debate is likely to heat up over the coming weeks, as both sides try to influence voters.   I remember my gran telling me when I was younger there’s 3 things I should never discuss on a night out – football, politics and religion.  In a way, the same could be said for the workplace, as these subjects often cause some disagreements.