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holiday planning

Things seem to go to bad to worse for Ryanair following the way they’ve not managed holiday entitlement. As you will know, they have had to cancel thousands of flights, and their reputation has been severely damaged with threats of legal action.

I find it incredible that a basic line management function like managing holidays can have such an impact. Their whole approach has not only impacted on their customers but also the way they handled the process with their staff (the pilots), and does nothing for engagement or loyalty.

Assessing Risk in the Workplace: What Needs Attention Right Now

Picture your workplace and ask yourself: What could harm people? What steps can you take to reduce that harm? This is the foundation of risk assessment, and it’s a process you should constantly consider to reduce liability, comply with workplace safety laws, and keep your employees safe.

8 Employee Handbook Tips

Your employee handbook is more than a resource employees will leave on their desks for years to come. It’s more than a recitation of basic employee rights and responsibilities too. In fact, it’s also a way to set forth your policies and expectations. 

As your business and team grow it’s likely that from time to time you may experience some unforeseen challenges with your employees that you will have to deal with.

In this weeks question of the week, we explain what the advantages are of have a probationary period in place.


What are the advantages of a probationary period?


It is good practice to make use of a probationary period with a new staff member. By having this in place you are giving them an initial trial period, which allows both you and them to make sure that you have made the right decision and you are setting a clear expectation with them, that if things don’t work out, they will not become a permanent employee.

We get asked HR related questions every day and each week we will be sharing our top question of the week that we have been asked here at The HR Booth.
In this week’s question of the week we explain what to do in adverse weather conditions when employees are unable to attend work.

Not my best link there, but piper's piping made me think of people, especially your employees, piping up or rather posting on Facebook or some other social media, something less than optimal about your business, your customers or maybe your staff.

Yes the links are getting tenuous, but at least calling birds is vaguely relevant to making phone calls!  It's not so much the making of phone calls, but very one very real question we have been asked is Can I stop my employee using their mobile phone in work?