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Following on from our last blog on “How to Conduct a Telephone Interview” we now look at “How to Conduct an Interview”.

Interviewing your candidates face to face is one of the most important steps in hiring a new employee. It is an opportunity to evaluate the candidates work experience as well as a chance to review the candidate’s specific skills and abilities.

As you know, finding the right candidate for your business can be a time consuming process and being able to reduce the time it takes to find the right person can be an advantage to you and your business’s needs.

In this weeks question of the week, Emma Baker answers "What are the benefits of a job description?"


What are the benefits of a job description?


Having job descriptions in place is a good start to avoiding being in a situation where your employees are not fulfilling their duties. A job description helps set clear expectations with your employees at the outset of their employment about what is expected of them.

Interning can open up the door to many employment opportunities.

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you lack experience. It’s almost a catch 22; you need a job to get experience, but you struggle to get the experience you need without getting a job.

False qualifications are a very popular way of fraudulent CV’s.

A CV is a great way to draw together relevant skills and experience and to show potential employers and agencies how the job criteria have been fulfilled.

I facilitated a seminar for the Fife Chamber of Commerce today which focused on recruitment and selection.  During the seminar we covered recruitment costs, job descriptions and person specs, attraction and advertising methods, the use of agencies, and some selection techniques.

Here’s an article that was published in the latest edition of The Business Journal that I was interviewed for.  I’ll be sharing more information on recruitment after tomorrow’s Fife Chamber of Commerce seminar where I am presenting the subject “Recruitment and Selection”.

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