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What does Brexit mean for EU nationals and their family members?

Jemma Forbes who we know well at Innes Johnston Solicitors in Fife has taken time out of her busy schedule to share some really topical information about EU nationals working in the UK.

Article 50 was recently triggered, and we know from some of our customers that they are concerned (as are their affected employees) as to what this means for EU Nationals living and working in the UK.

Over the few weeks we have had the pleasure of having university student Fern Barclay working with us, where she has been learning about HR Administration and some generalist HR cases. Fern is studying International Business at Strathclyde University and is about to go into 4th year to complete her Honours in International Business and HR Management. Fern is keen to have a career in HR after university and in this article Fern talks us through her time at The HR Booth…

With the recent vote for the UK to leave the EU many businesses are in a state of uncertainty. Brexit has many implications for all of the UK. In terms of business, Brexit can be seen as make or break, with economic forecasts showing a rocky financial future, many British business owners are going through periods of uncertainty. In Scotland, there's also talk of another Scottish Independence Referendum, which could create more uncertainty.

A social media recruitment training workshop

Over the last five years social media has played an increasingly prominent role in the way employers recruit their staff. It is clear that social media is changing the way employers recruit their staff in this article we will explain how.

With finances being tight in recent years many employers ae looking for ways to make cost savings in the workplace, in a way that prevents them from having to sacrifice quality. With a little thought and effort, there are many things you can do to cut costs in the workplace and here are a few of our best suggestions.

Today it is increasingly common to find one if not more water coolers within an office space. Why? Because keeping employees hydrated creates a wide range of benefits, which we’re going to explore in this article.

Work-based learning is made up of classroom study (or long distance) and hands-on experience in the workplace.

More and more colleges and universities are now offering vocational work based learning courses in partnership with employers all over the country. In this article, we will provide information about the various different types of work based learning courses, as well as how they can benefit both individuals and employers.

Now we leave tracks in more places than ever

The Importance of Managing Reputation

When operating in the competitive world of attracting talent, managing your reputation can be a key element of your success. Your reputation can suffer all kinds of knocks from every direction, some of the criticism may be justified and others less so. However, it doesn't matter whether the criticism is justified or not. If damaging comments are being levelled at your company, these will be taken along with the rest of the information that comes out and weighed up in the round by your potential future employees.