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When it comes to training new and existing employees, the majority of businesses either have the option to provide online or classroom based training. Here we will explain the pros and cons of each method to help you decide on the best way to deliver training to your employees.

HR departments can use vehicle trackers to pinpoint the location of their employees.

The latest GPS technology used to create in-vehicle trackers allows HR departments to access data regarding their employees’ work vehicles and locations. Whereas some see this GPS technology as automotive spyware and an invasion of privacy, others see it is as vehicle tracking technology that allows businesses to improve their operations and keep staff safe.

Whether your company offers services that require the use of ladders; operates cranes or needs employees to use equipment to reach items from high places, there are a number of considerations to ensure that both employees and the company are protected.

The HR Booth is holding a workshop on the topic of “Managing Absence” during Fife Business Week on Wednesday 13th November 2013 in the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline.  The workshop will start at 9am and finish for 11am.

 As part of Fife Business Week, The HR Booth are offering businesses a free HR health check in a relaxed environment over a cup of tea or coffee.