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Breaking nearly all of the HR working directives, failing to observe health and safety, and forcing long and inhumane working conditions on his staff, could this person be the worst employer in the world?

Despite being very much loved by everyone around the world, those who work for him could well have a very different opinion of his working practices and constant demands for nothing less than the best.

We are sure you are asking yourself, ‘who is this terrible employer who flouts all the employment laws and fails to take care of his staff? It’s someone you’ll all be very familiar with: Santa Claus.

Here’s a look at why you should be very happy that this festive season you don’t work at the North Pole.

Zero-hours contracts have received lots of criticism in recent months.

Zero hours contracts have received a mauling in the press in recent months and if you’ve previously offered this kind of work, you may now be reluctant to offer this to new starters.