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We work with a number of businesses throughout the UK, and a common topic we help with is managing performance.  Quite often, we see practice where managers have not engaged in 1-1 discussions to tackle performance or conduct, and as a consequence the behaviour doesn’t change.

A good way to engage and involve your team is by having regular team meetings.

Effective meetings are not only integral to achieve team goals and successful completion of tasks, but also are reflective overall of team functioning. They also allow for open conversation that draws upon each employee’s knowledge, skills, and perspectives to solve problems and to support one another in achieving the team's collective goals.

It's not often the maids that aren't milking properly, but it does happen that you may find yourself with an employee who is underperforming, not pulling their weight or not actually doing the job you are paying them to do.

In many cases, this is less to do with their practical or technical skills, and more to do with their personality type.

By understanding what motivates them and the type of work they are best suited to, you can affect the most appropriate techniques to keep them fully engaged.

If somebody is under the influence of alcohol you have the duty to look after your staff.

Enjoying a tipple every now and again is fairly common in the UK, but what do you do when an employee crosses the line and it begins to affect the workplace?

The ways in which we work are changing and with the expansion in technology that allows people to work from wherever they are rather than just in one fixed place, offices and personnel management are changing to take on these new opportunities.

Now there’s no need to be there in person.

I delivered a seminar on behalf of the Fife Chamber of Commerce last week on learning and development, part of a series of seminars aimed at helping business owners get the best out of their people.