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Working From Home by Ben Hugh

Whether you call it teleworking, telecommuting, or remote work, working from home is a growing alternative for businesses. However, why are some employees and employers opting for work-from-home arrangements?. What are the advantages? What are some of the job you can...

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International Men’s Health Week

This week is International Men’s Health Week. This is the perfect opportunity to become more aware of common male health issues and look at ways we can help men in the workplace. This year Men’s health week is focusing on ‘Men’s Health by Numbers’. Men’s Health Forum...

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Overcoming Period Stigma in the Workplace

Period has been a Taboo word since the beginning of time. In addition, no one wants to or feels comfortable to talk about it. Organisations such as Developing People Globally are opening up the conversation to break down the taboo and tackle period stigma in the...

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What is Breathe HR?

We are delighted to announce that The HR Booth are now Breathe HR Silver Partners. We have been implementing this service for a while now where we have provided their helpful online HR admin tool to our clients. When HR administration is not handled in the most easy...

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How Does Google Jobs Work?

The internet is changing rapidly and it's important as a business owner to continue to grow with this development. Google has launched their new jobs function to help you take control of your own recruitment. Furthermore, this can be a great way to achieve direct...

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Employment Law Changes 2019 | April

We all can't believe it's almost April already! This means that all the big changes in business are just around the corner. With employment law changes 2019 happening in April, we want to give you some top tips to make these changes less stressful. Prepare for...

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3 Essential Steps to Effective Absence Management

According to the CIPD Annual Survey Report, absence levels and the cost of absence are down. In fact, the average level of employee absence is at 6.6 days per employee. Although the causes of absence remain unchanged – including minor illness, stress, and acute mental...

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