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Four Steps to Conduct an Effective Telephone Interview

The recruitment process can be very time consuming when you have the perfect candidate in mind. Being able to reduce the time it takes to find the right person can be an advantage to you and your business. A telephone interview can be the perfect solution.   The team...

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What Is An HR Plan?

What is an HR plan and do I need one for my business? It’s hard to believe that we are now into the New Year already. I hope all the plans you put into place at the end of 2017 are on target. This is unlike a new year’s resolution which only lasts a few weeks. As a...

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The HR Booth Would Like To Wish You A Merry Christmas

HR Consultants Fife - Merry Christmas from The HR Booth As we are all thinking about the holidays, we have decided to send an electronic Christmas card this year. Rather than send gifts, we have decided to make a donation to charities. We also wanted to think about...

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Avoid a Christmas Hangover

Christmas HR Advice - Important things to know This time of year, we find ourselves extremely busy supporting clients looking for Christmas HR advice. This is usually issues with absence, bullying, sexual harassment, misconduct, drink driving and other employment...

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How to Communicate Internally With Your Team

How to improve workplace communication Businesses these days are very good at communicating with their customers or prospective customers, particularly with the use of social media. However, how effective are you at communicating with your staff?...

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