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16 May 2024 | Blog

We sat down with CEO and Founder of The HR Booth, Alistair, to discuss how he helps create a positive workplace culture, what this looks like and the steps you can take to do the same.

What does a positive workplace culture look like?

There are probably loads of definition, but in my experience a positive workplace culture is where people are engaged and motivated to come to work and be the best they can everyday.  Morale is high and teamwork is evident and this translates into happy people making happy customers.

How does The HR Booth encourage a positive work culture?

One of our Core Values is Trust, and this is the foundation of any relationship.  In the workplace, you need to have trust, and at The HR Booth we trust and empower our colleagues.  This allows people to flourish and learn from any mistakes – this is important too and not to penalise or punish people when a mistake does happen.
At The HR Booth, my role is to create the platform for a positive workplace culture but ultimately it’s the people in the team that create the culture – this is why recruitment and team fit is so important.  It’s also good to have different perspectives and having a community definitely helps – we do regular walk and talks, weekly team meetings and regular check ins and 1-1s with the team.  We shout out and recognise people for good work or demonstrating our values.  We also encourage development and it’s important people receive regular feedback and have a development plan.
We carry out regular surveys and check ins with the team to ensure people are being heard and supported.
Building a culture takes time, and the people in the business help shape this, but we strive to make people feel welcome, listened to and respected, whilst trying to have fun.  We all spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to enjoy it too and this is why having a good community spirit helps.

What are the benefits of a positive work culture?

There are loads of benefits, and essentially a positive workplace culture leads to happier employees and happier customers.  All of this impacts on your bottom line.  Customers spend more, stay with you longer and recommend your business.  You will also see people stay in your business longer, reducing your recruitment costs, and you will see better levels of productivity.  Team work improves, collaboration improves, better communication, and your teams are happy to suggest new ideas/better ways of working.  This also improves wellbeing and people’s mental health too.

How important is employee feedback in creating a positive workplace culture?

This is hugely important.  Your employees are your eyes and ears, they will tell you what’s wrong and what’s right in your business, and tell you how your customers feel before the customer does.  They can make lots of good suggestions.    Feedback plays an important  role in fostering a positive work culture by empowering employees to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and actively participate in decision-making processes. It promotes transparency, trust, and accountability, creating an environment where employees feel valued and respected.
It’s important to take this feedback onboard, or explain where you can’t implement an idea, for whatever reason.

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