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Asked for some contractor advice and contract help. Was provided it at an acceptable fee. Bang bang b2b business!

Graham Webber

The Good Estate Agent

We’ve only recently engaged with The HR Booth but already your team has stepped up to the plate with our staff requirements. We’ve had a busy couple of months with new starts, and it has been such a comfort to know you have had our backs from day one.

Indeed it has been more than just having our back, you’ve gone beyond our expectations.

Thank you Alistair, you’ve removed a lot of worry from my shoulders and allowed me to get on with running the business.

We look forward to continuing to work with The HR Booth as we continue to grow.

David Dwyer

Inspire Digital

hr consultants fife reviews

Because personnel laws are always changing, we needed an experienced, professional HR Consultant who would streamline our personnel side of the business and train our 130 employees. Alistair joined us after careful research and consideration. In addition, he promptly and efficiently addressed our many issues.

Furthermore, Alistair updated our employee handbook and contracts of employment. He also rolled out a training programme for our staff to improve service, and supported the management team while dealing with difficult personnel issues.

Alistair’s skills and approachable manner is admirable.

His knowledge of employment law is also boundless, which is also very reassuring when dealing with tricky disciplinary issues.

In addition, we feel lucky to have found Alistair. In my 30 years of being a manager, I have never come across anyone as approachable and skilled in his profession as he is. If you are looking for an HR Consultant, look no further as Alistair is one in a million.

Deborah Rendall

Rejects Department Store

We utilise HR Booth as an external resource for personnel support within the business. Furthermore, working with Alistair and the team is a very positive experience and their continued support is key to the development of both the DPS Group and staff.

Colin Burnett

DPS Group

 Alistair’s specific advice and guidance has made us more confident in dealing with issues regarding attendance management. His input reassures us that we’re doing everything correctly and balancing the needs of individual staff members with the needs of the organisation.

Duncan Mitchell

Fife Employement Access Trust

We outsourced our HR to Alistair and his great team in December. In addition, everything has run as smoothly as we hoped it would. Great price, fantastic service and also takes a bit of the pressure associated with managing staff away from our senior management.

Would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Scott Paterson

Moorelands Travel

Alistair made the Line Manager Workshop sessions enjoyable and got all points across. I also enjoyed how interactive the course was and definitely feel like I’ve learnt new skills and techniques that will help me in the future.

Mark Davidson

Sidey Ltd

I approached the HR Booth to assist me on a case study where I needed to to deliver a workshop at a High School in Dunfermline. The case study included two questions on HR practices on ‘Hiring & Firing’ and I knew the HR Booth would be able to assist me on this. A huge thanks to John for helping in such a short period of time, you have been a great help for me!

Lauren Pratt

Spoke to Calum regarding new contracts and handbooks for the team and the service was second to none. Quick service and always on the end of the phone which is what we love! Thanks again, highly recommended!

Lee Combe

hr consultants fife reviews

I went to HR Booth because my previous HR service did not appear to be keeping up with relevant legislation for my business and I was concerned about this. Furthermore, my own service has grown quite quickly and I needed a service that could keep up with this and at the same time support my managers to also give them confidence in what they were doing.
In addition, The HR Booth service does just that they are reactive and available as soon as my managers need advise, excellent service and I would also highly recommend this to anyone. keep up the excellent work

Francis Davidson

Avenue Care Services

Alistair and John are always on hand to give advice. They offer a great service and always have an answer to any problems. In addition, I would thoroughly recommend HR Booth for any HR related problems.

Hilda Logan

East Lothian Produce

The HR Booth’s services give us peace of mind knowing we’re always compliant with new legislation. Furthermore, Alistair is always available and is prompt providing the support necessary to deal with everyday, employee-related matters.

I would highly recommend Alistair to any company in need of outsourced HR support. The services we’ve received are also worth every penny and every member of the HR Booth Team is professional, knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with.

Shirley Graham

Gym 64

Tullochan have been using the services of HR Booth for over 2 years and we have an excellent working relationship. In addition, they are always there to answer any queries and are extremely good at LISTENING to the concerns. Only when they fully understand the issues do they then discuss possible solutions. HR Booth are extremely good value for money and 100% reliable; the stress of HR has gone!!!

June McDonald


What impressed me most about Alistair were his professionalism and knowledge of his industry. I asked Alistair to review our existing employment contracts to align with current legislation. Not only did Alistair do this, he also made a few recommendations that has made it easier for the company to manage.

In addition, if you’re looking for someone to review your current HR requirements, I would look no further than The HR Booth.

Ian Paltiel

Internet Creation Ltd

Alistair is a brilliant HR Specialist who has a highly professional and knowledgeable approach to effectively deal with all HR issues and challenges.

He also has a great personality and is a joy to work with!

Moira Brown


The HR Booth offers fantastic service and will give you everything you need with regards to HR. I would fully recommend their services and I will be using them again.

David Gemmell

PGA Professional

Alistair gave me the confidence to be more forceful with staff after helping me tackle a staffing issue. Thank you for your help.

Linn Williamson

Grill 48

Alistair has been exceptionally professional throughout our professional relationship. Furthermore, he always gives 100% to every project.

Paul Young

Young Joinery

Alistair is a fantastic listener and answered all my questions while I attended the Line Manager workshop.

Graham Archibald

Sidey Ltd

Alistair offers exceptional experience, knowledge, and feedback as part of his services.

John Carr

Sidey Ltd

We’ve used The HR Booth’s services for 2 years now and Alistair’s advice has helped us a great deal. Alistair and the rest of the team is professional and helpful. They are also always available to assist with our HR problems.

In addition, after our expansion, The HR Booth managed our recruitment by placing adverts and screening applicants. Emma is supportive and saves us time to focus on other areas. I’d highly recommend their services.

Nindy Goodsir

Gym 64

We have been working with The HR Booth since June 2015 and their service has been invaluable. Alistair provides regular support with workshops and face-to-face advice. This has helping us manage our 200 employees effectively while offering guidance on absence, discipline, performance, and maternity.

Emma has taken a central role in our recruitment activity by advertising our roles, arranging interviews, and helping us obtain references at key times when we are busy. All of this also helps us get in with our day-to-day job and it’s great to know we have our own HR support on hand.

Gillian Gallan

John Codona's Pleasure Fair

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Alistair’s ability to offer sound advice and sort difficult situations is invaluable. In addition, his immense knowledge-base and experience in the field gave me great confidence. This was due to the fact that all services will be performed to the highest standard. The HR Booth will be our service provider for HR support now and also in the future for all my businesses.

Andrew Wright

Junk Ants

Alistair is an extremely diligent and capable HR consultant who demonstrates a thorough grasp of his subject. Furthermore, this was clear when I commissioned him as employment solicitor in a difficult tribunal case to prepare an expert report on HR policies and practices. In addition, he provided a detailed report applying his knowledge and skill to the facts and circumstances of the case and analysed the issues carefully. The result was instrumental in my efforts to procure a settlement on behalf of my clients.

I have also seen other examples of his work and would suggest that he is better acquainted with employment law and practice than many qualified employment lawyers whom I have encountered. I would have no hesitation in endorsing his services to anyone seeking advice and guidance in this field.

Jonathan Matheson-Dear

Messrs Ross & Connel

 What impressed me most about Alistair were his professionalism and knowledge of his industry. I asked Alistair to review our existing employment contracts to align with current legislation. Not only did Alistair do this, he also made a few recommendations that has made it easier for the company to manage.

I had the pleasure of working with Alistair over several years where we worked on a number of initiatives together, as well as generalist HR and Recruitment. He is passionate about doing the right thing for people and balancing this with meeting business goals.

Alistair has an incredible knowledge in his field and a drive to match.

You can guarantee that he will improve your business whether that be cost reduction, attrition/absence improvement, staff retention or just good advice. Alistair is just as comfortable catching up with your staff as presenting to your board. He is not afraid to think out the box and build strategies that are as individual or generic as you require. I relied on Alistair as a sounding board within a busy operations department and he never let me down.

Kirsten Anderson


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