Pay As You Go HR Service

Addressing individual HR issues as and when you need to

If you are looking for experienced and knowledgable support to deal with HR-related challenges you are being faced with right now, our Pay as you go HR service is perfect for you. This service offers a high level of flexibility to utilise our expertise as and when you need to.

We’ve created this HR support service to give all businesses the opportunity to access on-demand HR support when they need it. We have over three decades of HR experience which will help you tackle specific problems you’re facing in your business.

Whether you need an updated handbook, you’re facing staffing problems, or you’re dealing with a bigger issue, we can support you with it all. We can support you with: 

  • Reviewing or producing Contracts of Employment
  • Reviewing or Producing an Employee Handbook/Policies and Procedures
  • Disciplinary support
  • Grievance advice and support
  • Managing Absence – short term and long term
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Recruitment
  • Review Induction
  • On-boarding processes
  • Deliver inductions
  • Management Training – a range of workshops to support your growth
  • Redundancy Support

  • Outplacement


Hourly Rate

In Person: £90

Remote: £60

Daily Rate


Employee Contract / Handbook

A one-off contract of employment or review of your Employee Handbook typically costs between £600 – £1,000.

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As you grow your business in the future, you may decide to transition from a pay as you go plan to one of our retainer plans or HR outsourcing services. Regardless of the package you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing you have highly qualified HR experts on hand to support you drive your business forward.


If you would like to find out more about our pay as you go hr service, you can contact us now on 01383 668178 or You can also contact us on our website HERE


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