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Winter People Plan Webinar

Wednesday 4 November from 10am to 10.45am

We see mental health and wellbeing as a huge issue for employers in the coming months. In your Winter People Plan, consider some of the following: 

  • Managing mental health and wellbeing  
  • Provide advice and guidance on nutrition and fitness  
  • Team Challenges  
  • Working from Home  
  • Flexible Working  
  • 1-1s, regular check-ins  
  • Leadership  
  • Workplace culture  
  • Flu vaccines  
  • Health surveillance checks via Occupational Health 

It’s important to maintain contact with your teams, especially where you have people working from home. Could you organise a face to face to check in on them?  

I’ve seen some hotels pivot recently offering hot desking for remote workers, which allows them to have a change of scenery and enjoy being in a different environment. Is this something you could do with your team occasionally?  

As it’s highly unlikely any Christmas Parties will be taking place this year, could you use some of this budget to cover some wellbeing plans? You could also be eligible for the job retention bonus if you have furloughed staff this year – could some of that be used? 

There’s lots of things you could consider doing to support your staff, and we will be hosting a webinar to discuss examples in more detail. This will take place on Wednesday 4 November from 10am to 10.45am. To reserve your place, please email Calum –