A Cost-Effective Monthly Retainer Means You Always Have HR Support

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll enjoy support to enact change, resources to guide change, and services to address issues you can’t address yourself, all while enjoying time to focus on what matters: your business.

At The HR Booth, we believe in transparent pricing, comprehensive service, and unrelenting expertise. We’re up-front with our pricing because we believe you should understand what you’re paying for and the value you’ll receive in exchange.

Our monthly, retainer-based plan varies in cost depending on the number of employees in your business. Doing so allows us to offer extensive support and take action when necessary to keep your business compliant and on track for growth and success.

Pay Monthly

Up to 10 Employees


11 - 20 Employees


21 - 30 Employees


31 - 40 Employees


41 - 50 Employees


51 - 100 Employees


101 - 150 Employees


151 - 200 Employees


200+ Employees

Please contact us for a tailored plan.

Pay As You Go

Hourly Rate


Daily Rate


Employee Contract / Handbook

A one-off contract of employment or review of your Employee Handbook typically costs between £300 to £600. Contact us here.

Support, Resources, Services, and More…

…are just some of the many benefits you stand to gain through retainer-based services. Here are some more concrete ideas of what you should expect:

  • Deliver changes in 1-1 or group meetings with your staff.
  • Unlimited access to online HR resources with “How To” guides that promote self-sufficiency.
  • Preparatory services arranging disciplinary hearings and producing outcome letters on receipt of the minutes.
  • Six-monthly meetings to identify changing needs and how we can help.
  • Initial policy and procedure review and update to ensure they are fit for purpose and legally compliant.
  • Unlimited HR and employment law advice regarding hiring, discipline, dismissal, and more.
  • Initial contract review to revise contracts for legal compliance and preparation for future maintenance.
  • Assistance in key areas such as disciplinary hearings, grievances, and absence management meetings. We provide on-site support for these occasions.

Employment Tribunal Insurance

We offer insurance against Employment Tribunal claims, where any compensation awards and associated legal fees are covered. This gives you complete peace of mind should you be faced with a claim. Specific costs can be provided on request, however, typically this is £42 to £62 per month, dependent on the number of employees and turnover.

Providing you’ve followed our advice, an employment lawyer will defend your claim, including any correspondence.

Address Individual Challenges With Pay As You Go Services

Though retainer-based pricing is best for most businesses looking to improve and grow, it may not be the best fit for yours at this time. However, chances are you’ll still encounter HR-related challenges that make it important to have experienced, knowledgeable support on hand.

Our Pay As You Go Services makes this a possibility.

Pay As You Go services mean you can take advantage of our over three decades of HR experience to tackle specific problems you’re facing in your business right now. Whether your handbook needs updating, you’re facing staffing problems, or something bigger is at issue, we can do it all.

As always, our Pay As You Go plans may transition into monthly retainer plans over time as you realise the integral role HR outsourcing plays in your business. Regardless of the service package you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing you have experts on hand to ensure the success of your business.

It’s Time to Change the Way You Manage HR Needs

By outsourcing your HR needs to The HR Booth, you can free up time while guaranteeing legal and purpose-driven compliance for your business.
Sign up today by contacting us to begin your customised service evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you and better understanding how our services will best suit your company and goals.