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21 May 2024 | Blog

One of our HR Consultants, Claire, recently attended the recent Blackadders Ask The Expert session, proving to be a really informative day. So, we’re sharing some of the key points from the update.

Holiday Allocation

Working Time Regulations don’t define what a month is, it is up to the employer to decide when this starts. There is no right or wrong answer to this. The employee is entitled to full leave as of the anniversary of the start date. Holidays can be accrued at 1/12th from the start date.

Assistance Animals  

The perfect example here is a Service Dog. This is a trained animal that will help an employee. Emotional Support Animals are not covered, as they are not trained and therefore are not defined in the legislation.

An Assistance Animal is viewed the as an aid, just like a walking stick or a guide dog.

If someone has an issue or is allergic to the animal, they will be asked how they will ensure they are not near the animal, i.e. the animal will be given priority.

This should be treated the same as a disability issue in the workplace.

Dismissal and Re-Engage

There will be a new code of practice issued on 18th July 2024. This will be imposing more of a consultation process. The expectation here is that when significant changes are taking place, this new code will apply.

When applicable, it is important to engage with Union and EE reps.

Dismissal should never be used as a threat. There is no direct claim for breach of the code, but Blackadders advise that this is to be consulted.

Time Off for IVF Procedures

This is not a statutory right. But it is important to be sympathetic and we suggest having a policy in place for this. If you don’t have this in place, this is something we can help with – get in touch with us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Be conscious that the employee may not share this with their family let alone their work. Be mindful of the mental health impact this may have on the employee. Be careful not to discriminate, as it is not always same sex couples in this situation.

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