The HR booth is driven by a team with experience in various HR roles – including HR managers, consultants, and specialist roles – across a number of challenging industries.

By relying on operational expertise, our team is able to enhance the level of support to ensure all decisions that are made on a commercial basis.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know the team, learning their experience in HR, their daily responsibilities, and their interests outside of work.

How long have you worked for The HR Booth?

Alistair Booth – Managing Director:

I’ve been running The HR Booth since 2012. Initially, I decided to set up the company to have a better work/life balance. My little boy, Harry, was starting school the following year, and I wanted more flexibility around my working hours.

I also wanted to do something slightly different by helping small businesses with HR problems and challenges.’

John Allan – HR Consultant:

‘I started working at The HR Booth in November 2016 as an HR Consultant.

I Retired for six months, and then the opportunity to work with The HR Booth came up, allowing me to help people again.  I hope that I have done a little bit of good so far.’

Emma Campbell – Recruitment Administrator:

‘I have been with The HR Booth since February 2015, and came on board as Alistair’s first employee.’


What is your job role at the HR booth, and what does a typical day look like?


‘As well as being a Managing Director of The HR Booth, I am also an HR Consultant.

As a managing director, I am responsible for sales, marketing, business development, managing the team, and exploring new opportunities.

As an HR consultant, I can spend most of my time on site with our clients. This can vary from retail clients, care businesses, manufacturing, IT and technology. I work with the management teams to help them drive the business forward, making sure they have the correct HR structure in place.

Other tasks for an HR perspective is focused on HR enquiries that come in. This can be managing absence, performance, conduct, redundancy, and restructuring.’


I am an HR Consultant, and my job role at The HR Booth is the first time I have had an opportunity to work with a client base.

It can be very interesting when you have over fifty clients, and how much diverse challenges you are faced with, and how many opportunities arise to work on new things.’


‘I am a Recruitment Administrator for The HR Booth. I initially started as an office administrator, but we decided that I would go down on the recruitment line as I enjoyed this a lot more.

On a typical day, I advertise jobs on behalf of our clients, I do initial screenings, telephone interviews, and arrange interviews on behalf of our clients.’

Have you had similar job roles in the past?


‘I have spent most of my career in HR. I started at the Rosyth dockyard in 1993, where I spent five years as an HR administrator. After this, I spent seven years at Telewest, working in various HR roles. I also worked with MGT before I started The HR Booth.

We have just recently moved to the Rosyth Business Park, which is right outside the gates of the dockyard. 24 years later, and I am almost back to where I started.’


‘My career has progressed over thirty years, and I have had the opportunity to do almost every part of HR that you can ever imagine.

When I started, I just stumbled on to HR, and it was very new to me. Throughout my career I have assisted in national negotiations for teachers, I’ve been involved in very senior level disciplinary and grievance cases, and I have been in employment tribunals, as well as many other HR responsibilities.

I like giving back to the profession, which led me to get involved in coaching and mentoring, and this is something that I would like to continue.’


I have had around eight years of administration experience prior to working at The HR Booth. I have worked for small family businesses, to larger organisations. This has given me a wide variety of administration experience.

What do you enjoy the most about The HR Booth? 


‘I enjoy the varied work, there are never two days that are the same. We face people problems and challenges in all the businesses we work with.

We have a great opportunity to get to know our clients very well, allowing us to add value to their business. I’ve learned a lot about a business by running The HR Booth for over five years, and I enjoy sharing what I have learned with my clients.’


‘I have always wanted to be part of a small team, and The HR Booth allows me to achieve this. Having three people on the team with a huge blend of experience makes the client base that comes from this, amazing.

I have had the opportunity to work with Farmers, people who run shops and beauty salons. It’s this type of uniqueness that makes it a really attractive proposition and is the reason that I came out of retirement. I don’t think I would have come out of retirement for anyone else.’


‘I have recently been on sight supporting our clients for their face-to-face interviews which I am really enjoying. It allows me to get to know our clients a bit better, and I enjoy helping them bring the right employee on.’

What are your interests outside of work?


Outside of work, my time is spent with my wife Lorraine, and our two boys, Harry who is eight, and Danny who is six months old.

Harry is at an age where he is enjoying sports. Most of my time is spent taking him to swimming, football and Karate.

We also enjoy going to watch Football games, as well as many other family activities.


‘I enjoy playing squash, going to the gym, and I like table tennis. I also like to read books, my favourite being Jack Reacher.

I enjoy collecting CDs. I currently have around three-thousand cd’s lying around the house. Even though I have all of these CD’s, I can guarantee that I have listened to every single one.’


I have been with my partner Liam for six years now. We have just recently re-homed a 18month old Rottweiler, Reggie. My weekends are mainly revolved around Reggie as we take him for walks which are great as we are near the Fife Coastal path.

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