It’s the Summer Holidays and that time of year when a lot of your staff are taking time off. This can be a quiet time of the year due to this. In addition, it’s important that you encourage productivity and continue to work on your business despite this. You can use this time to work on tasks that you may not have the opportunity to work on during busy times. Why not work on your employee handbook template to ensure you are fully prepared for new staff members to start their employment correctly?

What is an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is a document that a new employee receives when starting their new job role. This is also an important tool for growing businesses. In addition, employee handbooks will essentially  gives you the opportunity to set expectations and ensure you’re legally compliant. This document can include core values of the business, Disciplinary Procedure, Adverse Weather Policy and many more.

Your employee handbook also gives your new team members a direct point of reference for all information they may possibly need during their employment. Whether you provide your employees this document in paper form or give them an online copy, having access to this essential tool is a great way to access useful information.

The Induction Process

As part of the induction process, a professional and informative handbook can be a great way to ease the strain of learning the ins and outs of your business. This can also reduce the chance of you having to explain everything on a regular basis. This makes introducing a new employee less stressful for both parties as they can refer to their handbook if they forget anything on the first day.

It also encourages the inductee to learn the culture of the business in great detail. Providing a foreword with a friendly message from management can make the new employee feel instantly welcome.

Policies & Procedures

To ensure employees are aware of company expectations, there will always be arranged policies and procedures to follow. This can include HR policies through to financial procedures to help ensure the company is performing optimally.

Having the companies expectations and policies in one place gives staff a better idea of what you are looking for. Even employees who have worked in your organisation for a long time can always refer back to their handbook. This is also a great way to reduce time wasted on asking questions in order to finish a task. Your employees will now have the answer right in front of them.

The Employee Handbook Template

We have created an employee handbook template that you can download and incorporate in your business. This download includes various documents that will be useful for your new member. This includes tips on completing your company values, disciplinary procedure document, Grievance procedure document, Adverse weather policy, and equal opportunities policy. The download will also include a social media policy and much more.

The HR Booth has drafted, refined, and revised thousands of employee handbooks. We have the expertise to ensure your handbook serves a unique purpose for your organisation.

You can download your employee handbook here. You can also contact us now for further information on Employee Handbooks in your business.


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