We have had the pleasure of introducing Ram in to our team this week as our HR support trainee. The HR Booth will support her through her university business degree. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to find out Ram’s interests in HR and her plans for the future.

Ram is currently studying Business MGT and Human Resource Management at Edinburgh Napier University. She has recently started her 6-month placement with the HR Booth in HR support. Ram is currently working as part of the HR support team to provide a professional, high quality, client focused HR recruitment service to key stakeholders, job applicants and clients.

What made you choose HR as a career?

‘When I was leaving school, I had no idea what I wanted to do at university. I just went with my favorite subject which was Business. When looking at the different business courses, HR just stood out too me. My advisors then just sold it too me even more. I think the aspect of talking to people and trying to resolve their problems appealed to me. Furthermore, I am also interested in the the recruitment side of things. We went through the process in school and I wanted to actually be able to go out and do it.

What is your favourite part of HR?

‘At the minute my favorite part of HR has to be the interviewing part of recruitment. Simply because since I have started my placement with the HR booth, I have sat in on multiple interviews. I have witnessed how to conduct an interview and how to make the interviewee feel comfortable. It has also taught me a lot in the sense of knowing what is good and bad when being interviewed. I have learned that even body language can give off a massive impression. I have also learned how important it is to do your research on the company prior to attending your interview.’

Was it hard finding a placement?

‘Finding a placement was the most time-consuming process. I was just constantly phoning and emailing places and not hearing back. Bigger companies didn’t  have on site HR departments. I had a few interviews with companies, but nothing was really HR specific and then I wouldn’t hear anything from them afterwards, I was constantly chasing people up.’

Why did you choose the HR booth?

‘My gym put me in touch with Alistair as they are one of The HR booths Clients. Alistair was so helpful when it came to me finding and securing a placement. We organized an interview where I came in and discussed what I was looking to get out of my placement. We also discussed the objectives I would like to meet by the end of my placement.

He was always eager to help when I had questions and responded too me quickly. The efficient way that my placement was organised made me want to do my placement at The HR booth. Furthermore, I don’t think I could get a placement any more HR focused. After doing my research on what the company offers, it was clear to me that I would get to experience so many aspects of HR.  This gave me confidence that my experience will help me when I graduate as I would have more of an idea of the path I would like to go down.’

7. What have you learned so far in HR support?

‘I have learned a lot from my placement already. The team are very welcoming and helpful when it comes to work and ensuring I understand what I am doing. As mentioned before, the interviews have taught me so much already. Even just drafting replies to clients has taught me the importance of doing your research. I have also learned the importance of finding the right information to send back as well as basic email etiquette. Attending workshops for clients that were information rich but also easy to understand was also beneficial. I have learnt how to book people in for interviews and do admin type jobs. It is just good for me to relate the theory I have learned at university into a work place.’

For more information on HR support, contact us at The HR Booth on 01383 668178  or email us through our website.

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