Promoting from Within

16 May 2024 | Blog

By choosing to promote employees within your own organisation, you are making the conscious choice to enhance the culture, to boost employee retention and to reduce future costs. This approach celebrates loyalty, utilises existing knowledge and ensures that promotions go to employees who understand the company well. Let’s take a look at some key reasons why you should consider promoting from within.

Boost Employee Morale

You will boost employee morale, as seeing your colleagues making career advancements will boost morale and motivation to achieve this as well. Increased morale directly translates into increased productivity as employees feel a part of the company’s success.

Promoting from inside your organisation is a serious motivator for your staff, boosting employee morale. When employees can see their colleagues receiving praise and ultimately promotions, it encourages them to aim for the same achievement. Growth demonstrates the organisations commitment to rewarding hard work and a high standard of work. Naturally, colleagues will be keen to get the same level of success and work harder to do so.

There are tangible benefits associated with this too, such as increased productivity within the workforce. Employees will feel more valued and see a realistic pathway for the advancement of their own career are more inclined to engage in workplace activity and work hard for the benefit of their employer.

Also, it is generally nice to see your desk mate do well in their career. This not only generates a supportive and friendly workplace culture, but also builds relationships between the staff. A workplace that gets on well with each other will produce better work, enjoy coming to the workplace, overseeing an overall enhancement to the workplace culture.

Reduce Hiring Costs and Time

This will reduce hiring costs and time. This one is a pretty obvious one, but you won’t have to spend time and money creating a recruitment campaign. You may wish to still carry out an interview for the role, but it won’t be as in-depth as it would be for an external hire – as you will already know the person you’re interviewing.

There can be significant costs associated with the recruitment process. This can be through the form of advertisement such as the advert itself, posting to job boards, employing recruitment agencies, and in some cases, increasing the salary to attract more talented and more experienced options. There is also a significant level of admin that needs to be carried out such as background checks and an extra level of training will be needed as well.

There will be a less intense interview process as you will already know the candidate, you will have worked with them previously, you will know their skill set and will likely have previously interviewed them for their current position. Additionally, you will possibly have already formed an opinion on the employee and whether they will be a good fit for the promoted position.

The candidate will have built relationships with the employees already and therefore will create a more streamlined transition into the new position. The familiarity with the organisation, the culture and the people will enable for a less vague, more focused interview. Highlighting solely on the candidate’s suitability for the role. The overall hiring process will be more efficient and there will be a quicker transition into the new role. You will save time, whilst also facilitating for your organisation to remain agile and responsive to your operational needs.

There will be less of a need for in – depth interviews, whereas a normal interview process for an external candidate would last three rounds. In some cases, it may just be the one interview with the one candidate that is all that’s needed to make your decision.

Promoting from within can help for continuity and stability within your workplace. You are demonstrating that there is a clear career progression path for all and that you are willing to reward internal success stories. Not only will you cut down on costs by saving on an expensive recruitment process, but you will also save costs due to a lower turnover rate – staff will be more inclined to stay and fight to become the next internal success story. You also won’t have to spend as much on training courses to get new candidates up to speed to the job. Internal promotions not only save immediate costs but also contribute to a more stable and motivated workforce.

Promote Company Loyalty

You are promoting company loyalty by supporting the career of your own staff. If the employees can see a genuine career path within the organisation, they are more likely to stay and aim to achieve that. The associated benefits with this are that there will be an increased level of productivity and an overall commitment to achieving company objectives.

Reinforce company loyalty and demonstrate a commitment to your own employees’ professional development. If career progression opportunities are visible and realistic, employees are likely to stay. All employees will want to feel valued, wanted and rated, and it is up to you, as an employer, to ensure that they feel this. You can show this by demonstrating a preference to hire from within and promote from within. Commitment will rise and productivity / motivation will also increase.

Looking at the benefits of increased employee loyalty – employees are likely to go above and beyond for the company, with higher levels of productivity. The company operations will already be familiar to them, as well as projects and tasks. You know that the employee will be aligned with your company culture and process, showcasing a stronger alignment with your own ethos. With an external hire, there will be a level of risk with the hire.

Employees will see a future with the organisation, they will be motivated to make that future a successful one. They will be motivated to make the company a success and to play a key part in that success.

Employees who have been with the organisation for a long period of time will be a valuable assist to you, they will have a strong foundation of knowledge on the company, they can represent the company at events. The longer you can keep employees around will translate directly to the success of your organisation.

Utilise Existing Knowledge


Utilise existing knowledge by hiring from within. Employees who have worked at your business for a considerable amount of time will have picked up a solid level of knowledge. There may be aspects of their job that is new but generally they will have a good foundation of knowledge on the company already.

The employees will understand who the company works, how their colleagues work, they will know what the company objectives are. This is especially prevalent with The HR Booth, where our HR Consultants deal directly with clients. Our consultants will already have relationships with our clients, this meaning that we will always seek to promote from within. It helps to create a seamless transition and considering they will already have a working relationship with the client, they will know what the clients’ needs and wants – facilitating for a better client experience.

Promoting from within creates a sense of loyalty in your business, encouraging a desire to achieve the company goals. It will increase employee retention, if an employee can realistically see themselves progressing with you, they will likely stay and try to do just that. You are saving time and money on recruitment activity. The benefits are endless and something that all organisations should consider.

Promoting from within demonstrates realistic career progression opportunities. Seeing your colleagues advance in their career can act as a serious motivator for your other team member, encouraging them to excel and aspire. This boost in morale is directly linked to a rise in productivity, employees will be integrated into company culture, they will be vital to the success of the company. They will feel valued and wanted, and in – turn they will contribute their hard work and motivation back into the company.

External hiring processes can be stressful, time – consuming and expensive. You can avoid all of that by heading down the ‘promote from within’ route.

Avoid the stress associated with finding the perfect candidate (especially when they might already be sitting next to you!).

Avoid the time – consuming nature of writing job descriptions, scheduling and conducting job interviews and analysing the candidates.

Avoid the expensive costs of a recruitment campaign, of a training course, of an increased salary offering.

Instead, you can utilise pre – existing knowledge within the team, you can celebrate your talented employees, you can create a seamless transition between jobs.

Utilise the pre – existing knowledge that your employees will already have on your clients’ and knowledge on company culture.

Celebrate your talented employees by promoting from within and giving them the career advancement that they deserve.

Create a seamless transition between jobs as your employees will already be familiar with the job they are moving into. They will know the people they are working with.

It is time to recognise that the perfect candidate will already be within your team. Trust your employees to do the job well and you will see them flourish. Promoting from Within can do all of the above and more!

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