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3 Common Mistakes of Employment Tribunal Insurance

Employment law is a complex area full of loopholes and potential liability, leaving employers scrambling for protection. This only benefits those in the tribunal insurance field because most businesses can’t afford the time, expense, and hassle of an employment tribunal. This means that they sell more insurance because employers don’t want to consider the bad publicity or expense should something go wrong.

But, what is employment tribunal insurance? And for that matter, what are some of the most common mistakes employers are making with it? 

Disciplinary/Grievance Procedure Basics

Managing discipline and grievance in the workplace is vital. It shows employees what is acceptable and what is not and allows you to reach resolutions that keep your organising moving forward.

While every organisation will have their own disciplinary and grievance procedures, the same basics underlie any of these processes. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most constructive principles you can adhere to when you want to make your disciplinary and grievance procedures efficient, meaningful, and effective.

In a recent blog article, we looked at how to conduct a fair disciplinary meeting, below we follow up on this article by providing you with some key steps to take when making a disciplinary decision.

If you followed our previous advice in conducting a disciplinary hearing, you’re well on your way to carrying out a fair and reasonable procedure and helping safeguard your business against the risk of tribunals and the costs they can bring.

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In this week’s question of the week, Alistair explains what role Trade Union Representatives have at disciplinary investigations.