HR Administration Services

Outsourcing your HR function to keep your business compliant and primed for growth while freeing up time for you to focus on your business.

As businesses grow, many owners find that recruitment takes up a chunk of their time, what with dealing with employment issues and seeing that the business is legally protected throughout the process. The HR Booth’s HR Administration service gives UK clients the freedom to grow their business, minus the hassle. We handle everything from hiring employees to managing benefits. 

What Does the HR Administration Service Include?


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Send out offers/contract of employment, reference requests, upload details to system, arrange induction and all the associated set up for this and deliver induction via Teams. We can also automate this to have line managers complete first part of the induction, or record this for new starts to view. Capture access to work documents along with any training certificates, qualifications, driving licence etc.


management training

Arrange training courses where required.


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Posting job adverts, arranging interviews, corresponding with clients. There could be additional costs if advertising on premium job boards.

HR inbox

hr administration

Deal with queries from your employees.

Job Changes

certificate of sponsorship

Ensure any job changes, salary etc is communicated in writing and added to the relevant systems.


management training

Provide monthly reports on data such as right to work checks, training, staff turnover and absence. Provide data on objectives/1-1s completed/outstanding.


pay as you go hr service

Log absence records on the system or train managers on how to do this – whatever process you prefer.


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Ensure all leavers are processed accordingly, letters confirming final date of employment, payroll notified of final payments and exit interviews arranged. We can complete exit interviews and share data if this is something you want us to do.

Get help from experts


Imagine what it would be like if managing payroll, paperwork and staff was fast and easy. You’d have more time to focus on improving your marketing, operations and other aspects of your company.

We have an experienced team at The HR Booth that can offer a wide range of support within HR and other industries. Our team draws from their wealth of knowledge to ensure you have the best support and advice possible. 

Our main priority is to collaborate with our clients to ensure we are catering our skills and knowledge to your business needs. This also allows you to have an input in how we manage your business’ HR functions. 

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Bring amazing benefits to your business


Outsourcing HR services helps you achieve the same level of efficiency as established organisations. Here are six advantages to outsourcing HR functions:


  • Cost savings: Reduce overhead costs and use the money you saved for other parts of the business, like operations and marketing.
  • Compliance: Let experts handle compliance with benefits, hiring, insurance claims and other aspects of employment law. 
  • Efficiency: Spend less time on paperwork and dedicate more time to improve the efficiency of the workplace.
  • Employee Development. Reduce the workload of your managers by having your outsourced HR specialists manage employee performance and development.
  • Flexibility: Fulfil immediate HR requirements while you get your business up and running.
  • Risk Management: Keep up with the latest developments in employment law to protect your business’ best interests.


Total HR support


We offer outsourced HR services tailor-fit to meet your needs. Whether you need a few or numerous HR solutions, we deliver.


Our services include:


  • Measuring Employee Performance
  • Improving Employee Engagement 
  • Managing Absence
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Succession Planning
  • Developing Leadership
  • Growing and developing your Business
  • Improving Productivity 
  • Handling Recruitment 
  • Creating or Improving Organisation Culture
  • Developing People

We are here to help

We look forward to speaking and collaborating with you to create a plan that fits perfectly with your business. Contact The HR Booth today to find out more about our HR outsourcing services.

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