Occupational Health Edinburgh

Occupational Health focuses on the relationship between the workplace and health. In addition, the care focuses on the individual concerned as a patient and an employee. As part of our occupational health Edinburgh, Fife and Scotland service, we will help you to support your staff with their mental and physical health. We will also support you to manage long and short-term absence, drug and alcohol testing. We will also help you with health checks.


Occupational Referrals


Occupational Health Edinburgh
Health Surveillance Check

Starting at £75 per employee. Contact us on 01383 668178 for more information.

Occupational Health Expert

Mags is an occupational health expert who manages and protects the health of people in the workplace. When employees approach mags with work related health issues, she works hard to find a solution that works for them. 

She will not only help you to identify work-related problems, she also works hard to prevent possible problems too. She will work with managers, employees, and safety experts to promote great health at work in the best possible way. 

Putting Employee Health First


An employee’s health can have a dramatic effect on their work either in a positive or negative way. If staff are in good health physically and mentally, this will reflect positively in their work. They are also more likely to have positive working relationships. If employees are in poor health this can lead to regular absence. Occupational health Edinburgh not only looks at a staff member’s mental state, they will also look at their fitness. In addition, this is to ensure they are physically well enough to do their job.


While you are not responsible for the general health of your staff members, morally we believe it’s important to look after them. You are also legally expected to ensure you are focusing on your employee’s occupational health. One way to ensure this is by making sure the workplace is a safe and healthy environment. 

Occupational Health Edinburgh

If you would like to discover more about our Occupational Health Edinburgh, Fife, and Scotland service, contact us now on 01383 668178. Get a better idea of prices first, head over to the pricing section on our website now. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to helping you with occupational health in your business.

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