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What Do Your Customers Say About You?

Deciding whether to outsource your HR requirements and then choosing a suitable HR provider is a difficult decision.  We work with dozens of clients across the UK, and recently carried out a survey asking our clients to give feedback on the service we provide.

 We got a fantastic response and the feedback was extremely positive.  The results of this survey can be found below.

Disciplinary/Grievance Procedure Basics

Managing discipline and grievance in the workplace is vital. It shows employees what is acceptable and what is not and allows you to reach resolutions that keep your organising moving forward.

While every organisation will have their own disciplinary and grievance procedures, the same basics underlie any of these processes. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most constructive principles you can adhere to when you want to make your disciplinary and grievance procedures efficient, meaningful, and effective.

Training for Line Managers

We have a series of workshops taking place for line managers.  If you manage people, then these workshops are are esssential to help you in your day to day job.

Feedback from our clients who have attended in the past has been excellent, and we're now running these workshops for anyone who manages people (you don't need to be a client of The HR Booth to book your space).  

20 Criteria That Should be on Any Employment Contract

A contract is more than just a document both you and your employee sign to memorialise your employment agreement. And, while there are bare minimums the law requires in any contract, you should never follow those minimums as guidance for your own program. Moreover, a bare statement of terms is never sufficient when you want to ensure you’re protected as an employer.

What does Brexit mean for EU nationals and their family members?

Jemma Forbes who we know well at Innes Johnston Solicitors in Fife has taken time out of her busy schedule to share some really topical information about EU nationals working in the UK.

Article 50 was recently triggered, and we know from some of our customers that they are concerned (as are their affected employees) as to what this means for EU Nationals living and working in the UK.

3 Essential Steps to Effective Absence Management

According to the 2016 CIPD Annual Survey Report, absence levels and the cost of absence are down. In fact, the average level of employee absence – 6.3 days per employee – and the overall median cost of absence per employee – £522 – is down from previous years. And, although the causes of absence remain unchanged – including minor illness, stress, and acute mental ill health and medical conditions – absence is under better control than ever before.

Employment Law Changes April 2017

April is normally a busy time for HR professionals and small businesses, where historically a number of changes to employment legislation take place. This April is no different, and we felt it appropriate to share some of the key changes that may affect your business over the coming weeks.

Over the few weeks we have had the pleasure of having university student Fern Barclay working with us, where she has been learning about HR Administration and some generalist HR cases. Fern is studying International Business at Strathclyde University and is about to go into 4th year to complete her Honours in International Business and HR Management. Fern is keen to have a career in HR after university and in this article Fern talks us through her time at The HR Booth…