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As you start to grow your business, your team will grow too. This leads to a likely possibility that you may experience some unforeseen challenges with your employees that you will have to deal with.

We are aware that it can be important to manage these situations right away to maintain the smooth running’s of your business. This can minimise the possibility of the problem escalating. This is why it is essential to have good HR processes in place. 

HR in Family Businesses: How it Works, What’s the Same, and What’s Different

We work with several family businesses across the UK and they are very different than other corporations. And, although the expected HR tasks are still necessary – including recruiting, staffing, training, development, performance reviews, and employee relations, among others – there are unique challenges in a family business that managers with HR responsibility must prepare for.


The HR booth is driven by a team with experience in various HR roles – including HR managers, consultants, and specialist roles – across a number of challenging industries.

By relying on operational expertise, our team is able to enhance the level of support to ensure all decisions that are made on a commercial basis.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know the team, learning their experience in HR, their daily responsibilities, and their interests outside of work.

Employment Tribunal Fees

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that Employment Tribunal fees regime is unlawful.

If you’re a fair employer and have adequate HR and employment procedures in place, then you will have little to worry about. I’ve read lots of scare blogs and stories over the last few days from Employment Lawyers and HR companies stating the opposite. This is obviously a tactic to generate business but as I’ve said – if you have sound procedures in place then I doubt much will change.

Top Ten Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your HR Function

One of the things we get asked is when and how you should outsource your HR.  There’s no right or wrong reason as to when – you might be a start up, or you may employ 50 or more staff, it’s really up to you in terms of what you want HR to be in your business.

   How to Support Your Staff During The School Summer Holidays

I'm just back from my summer holiday, having spent 10 days out in Spain enjoying some sunshine!  We're now into the third week of the school holidays in Scotland and the schools down south break off today.  As such, we are well into the summer season, and many of us are getting ready to pack our sun glasses to enjoy our time off this summer.

3 Common Mistakes of Employment Tribunal Insurance

Employment law is a complex area full of loopholes and potential liability, leaving employers scrambling for protection. This only benefits those in the tribunal insurance field because most businesses can’t afford the time, expense, and hassle of an employment tribunal. This means that they sell more insurance because employers don’t want to consider the bad publicity or expense should something go wrong.

5 Steps Employers Should Take When an Employee Informs Them They Are Pregnant

This is a subject that affects many of us, and it is the same concerns that always comes up. Will you be getting reduced hours when you return? What does it look like in the future? This can be extremely unsettling for families. It is also a very daunting time personally, and it is important as a manager to support your employee. It can be as easy as having procedures in place.