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How You Know Its Time to Outsource HR

If you’re in a leadership position at your company, you know all too well how frustrating it is to manage non-revenue-generating tasks. In fact, it’s easy to spend up to half your time at the office on administrative needs, including many HR functions.

holiday planning

Things seem to go to bad to worse for Ryanair following the way they’ve not managed holiday entitlement. As you will know, they have had to cancel thousands of flights, and their reputation has been severely damaged with threats of legal action.

I find it incredible that a basic line management function like managing holidays can have such an impact. Their whole approach has not only impacted on their customers but also the way they handled the process with their staff (the pilots), and does nothing for engagement or loyalty.

Redundancies 101: What You Should Know

Employees have rights if they’re made redundant. Moreover, there are processes you must follow and specifications you should know to handle redundancy properly. In the article below, we’ll explore how to avoid redundancy, if possible, and how to handle redundancy should it arise in your organisation.


Mental Health can affect as many as one in four people at a certain point in their lives, and this can be very problematic in the workplace. Many workers suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress can stop people from performing at their best. Organisations thrive when their team are healthy, motivated and focused. It is important as a Manager to support your staff appropriately through this difficult time. The support received is key in determining how well and how quickly your staff are able to get back to peak performance.


We are passionate about employee engagement here at The HR Booth as this will lead to improved business performance in your organisation. This improved performance can lead to increased profitability, productivity, employee retention, customer metrics, and safety levels.

We want to share our top tips with you to help you improve employee performance in your business.


You may have seen this in the news last week, but Scottish employment is an at all time high and unemployment is at it’s lowest rate in 25 years.  All good news for people looking for work, but it does create a challenge for employers as there are many reports confirming a skills shortage.

Why Recruitment is the Most Important HR Function, and How to Do It

Too many organisations assume candidates will find them. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, the best employees often come from recruitment efforts. Specifically, the right kinds of recruitment efforts.

Thus, you can’t just assume that you can find the right candidates simply by looking in specific places. You have to consider what you’re looking for, how this suits your organisational values and goals, and the potential benefits from a long-term perspective.

Assessing Risk in the Workplace: What Needs Attention Right Now

Picture your workplace and ask yourself: What could harm people? What steps can you take to reduce that harm? This is the foundation of risk assessment, and it’s a process you should constantly consider to reduce liability, comply with workplace safety laws, and keep your employees safe.