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The recruitment process can be very time consuming when you have the perfect candidate in mind. Being able to reduce the time it takes to find the right person can be an advantage to you and your business.

The team at The HR Booth can understand through experience that finding time to conduct interviews can be difficult when you have other important commitments. We have learned that a great way to tackle this is conducting telephone interviews. This allows you to ask initial questions to ensure this is the right person to invite for a face to face interview. Telephone interviews can give you a better understanding of the candidate that may not be clear on their CV, and allows you to prepare questions for the second part of the recruitment process.

Telephone interviews can also be considered as time consuming but it is a great way to reduce the number of people you must interview face to face. This can reduce the overall time spent on your recruitment process as it allows you to short-list the candidates who are a better fit for the role.

The team at The HR Booth dedicate time to support our clients with their recruitment process, making the process of finding the perfect candidate less stressful.


It’s hard to believe that we are now into the New Year already. I hope all the plans you put into place either at the end of 2017, and start of 2018 are on target, unlike a new year’s resolution which only lasts a few weeks.

As a business owner, you’ll probably have a business plan – what your sales targets are for the year, profit, products, marketing strategies and services you want to offer. You’ll probably also have a marketing plan which will support your business goals for the year.



What are you doing to develop your managers? Are they leading from the front?

There are lots of materials out there on Leadership and Employee Engagement, and tons of research has been conducted over many years.

Gallup have conducted research into employee engagement over the last 25 years, and there Q12 survey is widely regarded as the most effective measure of employee engagement in your organisation.


As we are all thinking about the holidays, we have decided to send an electronic Christmas card this year, and rather than send "normal" cards and gifts this year, we have decided to make a donation to charities, as we think about those less fortunate.

Breaking nearly all of the HR working directives, failing to observe health and safety, and forcing long and inhumane working conditions on his staff, could this person be the worst employer in the world?

Despite being very much loved by everyone around the world, those who work for him could well have a very different opinion of his working practices and constant demands for nothing less than the best.

We are sure you are asking yourself, ‘who is this terrible employer who flouts all the employment laws and fails to take care of his staff? It’s someone you’ll all be very familiar with: Santa Claus.

Here’s a look at why you should be very happy that this festive season you don’t work at the North Pole.


We are reaching the end of 2017, and it is that time of year when we all can’t believe the year has passed so quickly. With Christmas just around the corner, many SMEs will be looking ahead to plan for another year. Do you have a plan in place for 2018?

For a lot of businesses this month is just as busy as every month. Taking time to reflect is something that all successful businesses should always find the time to work on.

We want to share some useful HR related topics to consider going in to 2018.


This time of year, we find ourselves extremely busy supporting clients looking for advice on issues with absence, bullying, sexual harassment, misconduct, drink driving and other employment related matters that have occurred due to the annual Christmas party.

We’re not the HR police, but we don’t want to see you suffering a hangover this Christmas having to deal with HR issues following what should be a time of celebration. 

It’s important that you realise the potential issues which could arise as a result of a Christmas party whether this is in the office, within working hours, out of hours or away from the office.  Regardless of when and where you hold the event, this is seen as an extension of the workplace and normal employment rules apply around behaviour.


We are approaching the end of another year and everyone is starting to plan their staff Christmas party. This is also the time of year that professionals receive a high number of calls following the Christmas party.

We want to give you some top tips on the work’s Christmas party so you can plan with caution.