Christmas in the Workplace


With the Christmas season just around the corner, lots of businesses are thinking about their Christmas nights out. We’re not the HR police, and we love a night out as much as anyone, but we don’t want to see you suffering a hangover this Christmas. You don’t want to deal with HR issues following what should be a time of celebration.


So, we thought we would give you Christmas HR advice to avoid any problems.  We’re normally very busy in December dealing with such issues, so we’re qualified to give advice on this topic!


It’s important that you realise the potential issues which could arise as a result of a Christmas party. It is also important to seek HR advice when you are faced with certain issues. Whether this is in the office, within working hours, out of hours or away from the office.  Regardless of when and where you hold the event, this is seen as an extension of the workplace.


Do Attend!


Make an effort to go to the Christmas party, although your attendance is optional, it is a good idea to attend. Even though you have had a long week at work and the last thing you want to attend is a Christmas party, it is important as a manager to show that you are a proud member of the team and attending will demonstrate that.


It is important that you mingle, you should use this as an opportunity to talk to people in the office that you may never get the chance to. A successful manager gets to know their employees better and shows an interest. In addition, this is a top tip for Christmas in the workplace.


Give a Business Update


Remember that although office parties are intended as social events to reward employees and raise morale, they also remain strictly business events. Include a small business update at the party as it is good practice to share plans for next year. Here are some points you can cover in your business update:


  1. Sales of the year.
  2. Sales plans for next year.
  3. Business success this year.
  4. Customer Feedback.
  5. Recognising any employee who has made a significant contribution.
  6. Asking the team for feedback.


 Religious beliefs


Christmas takes the UK by storm every year. It is important you bear in mind that not everyone celebrates the festive period, but do make sure to include everyone!


Secret Santa


Secret Santa is a great way to have fun and get everyone involved, but beware of inappropriate gifts! Some people may not see the funny side.

Be mindful of presents exchanged in a secret Santa which could be seen as offensive.  There’s banter and what could cross the line!

Don’t condone any discriminatory behaviour as you and the company are liable for the acts of your employees.




Conduct yourself professionally at all times during Christmas time in the workplace. Don’t use the office party as an opportunity to blow off steam. It’s still a company function, so lead by example.


Furthermore, appoint a designated driver of hire a taxi. Don’t drink and drive. It is also important to take in to account if your staff who are drivers. Could they be working in the morning? If so, could they possibly shift swap with another member of staff.


For those who drink, it is nice to have a glass of something to celebrate, but remember your staff are representing your company. Be aware of what is going on around you, it’s illegal for under-18’s to drink. You can be held responsible as a manager.


If something inappropriate happens on a work function, stay calm and don’t sack someone on the spot! Call us at the HR Booth and we’ll take care of the rest!




Don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the party. Your company has done well throughout the year, so take some time to allow yourself to enjoy and relax.