Mental Health Training for Managers

It’s great to see that many employers making an effort to understand the impact work can have on their employees mental health. Raising awareness, and updating company policies is a great step to improving mental health in the workplace. However, is it enough? There is so much more that we can do as employers. We think the best place to start is by offering mental health training for managers.

Mental Health support in the workplace should not be dependent on the type of manager, relationship between manager and employees, or even expertise in this area. Moving forward, systematic training should be put in place. This should offer Manager’s in various sectors the opportunity to develop essential skills. This will also allow them to be on a level playing field when it comes to offering Mental Health support. Training should be based on how to facilitate conversations with employees, recognising red flags or understanding the impacts of poor mental health on work. In turn, the taboo nature of Mental Health in the workplace will be a thing of the past, ingrained into the culture of workplaces in the UK.

Recognising Mental Health Issues Remotely

Remote working is becoming a permanent predicament in many companies. As a result, managers have encountered the difficult challenge of recognising problems virtually and building new levels of trust. Employees could be struggling in silence at home. In addition, being pro-active with check-ins and regular contact has never been more vital – speaking up when employees are unable to, should be considered a mandatory part of the job, with the right support and guidelines.

Less than 30 per cent of managers reported having received training on Mental Health at work

The 2018 “Business in the Community” report highlighted that less than 30 per cent of managers reported having received training on Mental Health at work. With Mental Health evolving into an almost nation-wide epidemic, change can only be achieved by converting this number from a minority into a majority. Less help for managerial positions, means more workers will struggle.

Managers need to be educated on how to approach absences and reducing hours relating to mental health and wellbeing problems. Quality work is paramount and inability to empathise with an employee’s situation can be detrimental to both the individual and the team. By recognising mental health as a legitimate illness in the workplace, managers can find an effective solution. Disregarding the problem only increases it!

Mind Mental Health Training for Managers

“Mind” is a charity which aims at giving mental health support for everyone, including the workplace. For example, they offer tips on the relationship between pressure, stress and performance. Stress can be a given at work, but when is too much stress unmanageable? They also promote two courses on managing mental health at work and promoting a positive mental health environment in the workplace. Prioritising mental health before simply reacting to any problems, could prevent mental health becoming a real problem!

Click on the link below for access to Mind campaigns:

The HR Booth Management Training

We have created a Management Training service to help businesses invest in their managers so they can inspire and support employees. Our training solutions will help your team develop, identify, and best utilise their employees’ knowledge and skills. Our consultants complete comprehensive assessments of your training needs and work with businesses to understand current challenges. We can also offer mental health training for managers. Take a look at our management training HERE.

If you would like support with mental health training for managers, you can contact us on our website now. You can also take a look at our management training service here.

Top 6 ways to improve mental health in the workplace

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In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, the workplace is often a significant source of stress and pressure for many individuals. Balancing the demands of your job with your mental health and overall well-being can be a daunting challenge.

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