Scottish Apprenticeship Week – Every March

26 February 2021 | HR News

Next week is Scottish Apprenticeship Week and we’re delighted to discover that this year’s theme is Business Backing Talent. Apprenticeships are not only great for the apprentice to learn important skills on the job, it’s also beneficial for employers to introduce young talented people who are ready and willing to learn.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a great way to learn more about Foundation, Modern, and Graduate apprenticeships and find out how it can fit in with your business.

Why Would an Apprenticeship be Good for my Business?

If you’re looking to welcome a new member to the team, apprenticeships are a great option to explore. Not only can you develop your employees to gain skills that will improve your business, you’re also giving a young person the opportunity to build a good career.

Young people have the drive and ambition to learn and grow and this positive energy is infectious in the workplace. Personal development is very important to us at The HR Booth and we constantly seek to enhance abilities by maximising our learning, looking for opportunities to make a difference for our clients, continually looking at areas where we can make a positive contribution to the success of their businesses. In addition, apprenticeships can be a great way to achieve this.

Apprenticeship employer grant

The Apprenticeship Employer Grant is available to help businesses to welcome Modern or Graduate apprentices in your business. Furthermore, you can also use this grant for an existing employee.

Find out more about the grant on the website here:

Apprenticeship Week Events

If you would like to learn more about Apprenticeships, there’s no better way to do this than Scottish Apprenticeship Week. Here’s some events to keep an eye out for:

Monday 1st March: Engineering Day:

Tuesday 2nd March: Construction/Civil Engineering Day:

Wednesday 3rd March: Apprenticeship Pathways into Digital Careers:

Thursday 4th March: Digital Skills Day:

Friday 5th March: Tackling the Workforce Gender Gap:

If you’re still wondering ‘why would an apprenticeship be good for my business’ Contact us now. You can also head over to

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