Workplace team have planned a Workforce Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Campaign that will take place from 6th – 10th September. The NHS campaign will offer advice on the best ways to support employees and spread the message that #ItsEveryonesJob to support each other’s Mental Wellbeing.


Mental health charity, Mind has found that poor company culture and lack of awareness around mental health can also be costly for an employer. Minds’ research found that around 30% of staff felt that they wouldn’t ‘feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed’. Business challenges faced during the pandemic has likely had a negative impact on your employees. In addition, it’s important your team feel comfortable to communicate how they feel.


We will be supporting the campaign this year by offering helpful tips throughout the week. The campaign is all about showing the importance of supporting each other and encouraging employees to open up. Promoting mental health in the workplace not only creates a better company culture, it can also save a life. In addition, we encourage you to take part in the campaign too.


Suicide Prevention

A recent Fife Workplace questionnaire showed that 40% of survey participants had been affected by suicide in their workplace. The NHS insists that opening up a conversation with someone who is struggling with their mental health won’t encourage a suicide. Furthermore, having open and honest conversations with your employees may even prevent this.


The team have created a Workforce Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention package that offers more information, advice, and training opportunities. You can download it HERE.

The #ItsEveryonesJob Campaign Features:


  • Digital Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Web Based Information
  • Traumatic Incident Framework


You can find out more about the #ItsEveryonesJob campaign on the NHS Fife website. If you would like to find out more on promoting mental health in the workplace, you can contact us on 01383 669178 or email us at

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