Edinburgh City Council  was criticised for an unusual redundancy selection process.

They decided to release 7 out of 13 agency street cleaners and embarked on a scoring matrix which included performance factors.  As a result, 4 people were selected but a stalemate was reached and they could not decide on the other 3 people.

Consequently, they decided to pick names out of a bowl.  This is not a fair selection process and the workers were reinstated pending an appropriate selection process.

Selecting people for redundancy is not like the X Factor and you should always ensure your decisions are fair, objective and justifiable.  If you would like support on how to handle a redundancy situation, please contact us for more information. If you are an employee facing redundancy or been made redundant and if you feel you were selected unfairly, please email alistair.booth@thehrbooth.co.uk

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