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27 May 2020 | COVID

As a business owner, you will be having many sleepless nights worrying how your business will survive. You might also have feelings of isolation and many questions with no answers. Our Covid-19 Resources Toolkit can be a great solution.

As a business owner myself, I too have the same worries. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, when it comes to supporting you regarding your people, we know what we’re talking about.

Over the past few weeks we’ve helped dozens of businesses just like yours furlough staff, make redundancies and give advice. This includes new ways of working, managing remote teams, mental health in the workplace and delivered many training sessions online.

We can offer businesses like yours that same support our clients have. We also have various options available for you.

Covid-19 Resource Toolkit

You can download one of our toolkits and have a zoom call with the team on how to implement these, or you can get bespoke advice to address the problems in your business without signing up to a retainer or long-term contract.

This will enable you to have an initial video conference call to establish what help you need, and we’ll create a plan. You can then obtain unlimited HR and employment law advice via video conference, email, or telephone on any HR matter.

Flexible Solutions

We have a flexible solution to meet your requirements and location is not a barrier. Our team embraced remote working some time ago and now our clients get it too – we’re supporting businesses from Aberdeen in the north and as far south as the Midlands at the moment, and everywhere in between. We can offer a 100% online and remote service, which means we’re not wasting 20 to 30 hours every week driving, we have more capacity to support and give the advice you need.

I’ve enjoyed not being in the “rat race” these last few weeks, always on the go, always on a call when I’m stuck behind the wheel – poor eating habits and a lack of energy. Now, I can take a longer lunch if I want to, clock off a wee bit earlier to take the kids for a walk, and I have complete flexibility. We’ve always been conscious of our overheads to ensure we don’t pass on unnecessary costs to our clients, and we can do this even more now.

Here to Help With All Your HR Needs

It’s not just furlough and redundancy we can advise on. Our clients are now adapting to new ways of working and over the last few weeks we have supported many with typical HR issues via video call on:

  • Welfare Meeting
  • Sickness Absence Meeting
  • Capability Meeting
  • Disciplinary

As well as supporting redundancy consultations where we can dial in remotely. The above examples were meetings held in Edinburgh, Ireland, Haddington and the Midlands – we can truly solve all people challenges and remove location as a barrier.

Please reach out to us to see if we can help your business too. We are also happy to talk you through our Covid-19 Resources Toolkit.

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