Company culture is an important aspect of a business that represents your core values. It also encourages your employees to adopt these values too. This gives an organisation purpose, encourages productivity, and builds moral. Furthermore, people want to work for a positive business that represent good values. If your business isn’t making this a priority, this can have a negative effect on your staff.

Not only does poor company cultures have a detrimental effect on employees, it’s also costing our economy millions. According to Breathe, poor workplace culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion a year. In addition, this massive loss can be the result of terrible work quality, high staff turnover, and even complaints. We have put our top tips in place to help you avoid poor workplace culture in your business.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture represents your core values, ethics, expectations, and personality of your business. Some companies prefer to opt for something more traditional that involves a formal management style. This can be an effective way to let your staff know what is expected of them. Furthermore, other companies opt for more of a casual working environment that don’t necessarily follow rules or regulations.

If your employees feel they don’t fit in with the company culture, this can cause them to feel stressed and under-represented. An example of this is that formal promotion processes can be very off-putting for certain people. In addition, certain staff members may feel they would be great at the job but are not confident enough to take part in the process.

A good company culture is not only important to the employee, it should also be taken seriously by the employer. In addition, staff who feel they fit in with the working environment you have created will be happier, and will be more productive. If your employee is enjoying their job and are successful at it, they will also likely work for your company for longer.

How to Create a Positive Company Culture

We think the best place to start building a positive working environment is by setting goals. Once you have considered the goals you would like to set for your business and team, it’s good practise to share this with your employees. This can be done with a regular team meeting to update the team of progress and goals you would like to achieve before the next team meeting. This is a great way to give your team something positive to strive towards and make them feel like an important part of the team. We have a meeting every quarter to discuss progress from the previous quarter and how we can make improvements in the next quarter.

Setting goals is one of the most important aspects of creating a good corporate culture. This brings the team together and motivates them to work together to achieve something great. Furthermore, encouraging good working relationships is also a way to make employees feel positively about your organisation. If staff members rarely interact, there’s no way of building a good company culture. Managers can encourage employee social events such as regular team lunches, group coffee breaks, or even team building exercises.

It can be as simple as sharing your gratitude to make an employee feel more positive about the environment they are working in. You can take this a step further and bring in coffees or sweet treats to say thank you. Other companies regularly encourage employees to nominate team members who they think have done something positive to help an employee or the business. You can gift the winner with a gift voucher as a prize.

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