A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that HR advice for small business is unnecessary. However, small businesses face a lot of demands when growing their company and can benefit from support from a HR Consultant. No matter the size of your company, hiring and managing your employees is a big responsibility. In addition, it’s important you find the correct support.


There’s a lot of challenges that comes with being a small business. This includes hiring, redundancy, following employment legislation, all while growing your business. With limited resources, hiring an in-house HR expert can be expensive. In addition, working with an outsourced HR company can be a great solution as you’re able to gain support from a team of experts at an affordable price. Here’s what you should consider if you are thinking about outsourcing HR.



Having HR advice for small business from a HR expert ensures your company is fully compliant and following current UK legislation. This can ensure you are protected from potential employment tribunals in the future. According to UK law, employers are legally required to have disciplinary, grievance, and dismissal policies in place. An outsourced HR company will ensure all of your documents and policies are up to date and comply with current legislation. If you don’t have these policies in place, a HR consultant can complete this for you so all you have to worry about is growing your business.


Whether you need support with payroll, personnel files, or HR Administration, a HR company ensure this is managed correctly.



In order to retain good employees, it’s important you have an outstanding on-boarding strategy in place. The first weeks and months in a new job is crucial as staff are getting to know the business and deciding if they like it. This is your chance to show them why your business is the best place to work. We’ve helped many of our clients ensure they are putting the right steps in place during and after the on-boarding process.


As part of HR advice for small business, HR experts will also help you to create an employee handbook. This allows you to stay compliant and set expectations from day one. An employee handbook should include company values, policies, disciplinary procedures, and much more.


Outsourced HR Services

From a HR retainer service, pay as you go, management training, occupational health, to recruitment, we offer a wide range of services to suit businesses of every size. We know that every business requires different support. In addition, we have also offered clients bespoke packages that fits their needs. find out more about our HR services on our website.



HR Advice for Small Business Pricing

One of the main reasons why a lot of small businesses outsource HR is because it’s more cost effective than hiring an in-house HR team. We offer a wide range of packages and price ranges depending on your business needs and the amount of employees you have. You can take a look at our outsourced HR pricing on our website now.


If you would like HR advice for small business, contact us now on 01383 668 178 or info@thehrbooth.co.uk.

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