Why Investing in HR Management Will Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

26 November 2014 | HR News

If you are running a business you will appreciate the importance of taking the time to do things properly and not rushing the parts which matter.

Factors like quality, budget and customer service might be high on your radar but you shouldn’t underestimate the potential effect that having a highly efficient HR team could have.

Helping to shape the culture of the business, gauging staff satisfaction as well as overseeing any issues such as absence, an HR team can ensure your business is compliant, efficient and a good place to work.

An investment in HR management can be one of the most influential that you will make; here’s how it could give you the competitive edge.

Improving productivity

Think with your head, HR Management is critical to business productivity

You may well like to believe that every person you recruit will have the same work ethos and willingness to perform to the best of their ability in return for their salary.

Unfortunately, there are those who like to stretch their employer’s tolerance and if not monitored closely, will fail to work at an acceptable level.

Whether it’s an individual who is skiving during working hours or taking repeated and unjustified time off work, an HR department will make sure documented procedures are followed which result in a resolution…one way or another.

By having compliant and fully documented HR procedures in place, plus a team ready to enforce them, staff who aren’t pulling their weight will be forced to either shape up or else be shown the door.

This doesn’t just ensure you aren’t carrying any individuals who aren’t performing, but it sets a good example and helps to shape the culture of your company.

Keeping staff happy

Happy employees will be far more productive

A happy work place is a well-motivated one, so understanding how your employees are feeling can be valuable data to have.

An HR team can conduct surveys and collect feedback to find out what your staff think about where they work. Gaining an insight into the heartbeat of your business can help you nip any problems in the bud and prevent resentment and bad feeling from the building.

Just being asked about whether they are happy, whether their health and safety needs are being met, and what could be done to improve their working environment will help to show your staff that you are an employer who cares.

This, even by itself, can generate a lot of good will and can improve motivation, and ultimately up performance, giving you the edge.


Getting the right people into your business in the first instance can feel like an uphill battle, both attracting them in the first place and them making sure your interview process is robust.

A good HR team will be able to manage the entire recruitment from advertising all the way through to selection, even if it’s you that makes the final decision.

It’s not just a matter of picking the right person; there is laws and legislation around what questions can be included and it’s vital that you’re able to fairly justify how and why you reached your decision.

Investing in HR management means that not only the latest social media techniques are utilised, but also that the entire administration is efficient, accurate and complete.

Recruitment is fundamental to the profitability of a company, and can directly influence staff turnover, and ultimately your competitive edge.


HR management should never be viewed as a desirable extra: it’s a fundamental and integral part of the business which hooks directly into budget management and effective cost control.

By utilising specialist HR services, you can ensure that all relevant actions are taken as and when necessary, eliminating any ‘flab’ from your business model and getting your company performing to its full potential.

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