As we are now in Spring, it’s a good time to carry out a Spring clean. Being untidy or disorganised at work, either working with a cluttered desk or an untidy van, is a real drain on efficiency.

Disciplining yourself to work tidy not only improves productivity, but also keeps you focused on what needs done. Remember, the condition of your workplace and company vehicles is the image your business is portraying to your customers and prospective customers. What would a prospective client think if he or she visited your office and couldn’t see your desk for clutter? It doesn’t send a message that you’re in control.

Some businesses have a ruling that all filing must be done by the end of the day and operate a clear desk policy. It’s also good practice from a health and safety environment for your people to clean their desk at the end of the day with an antiseptic wipe. It can be done very easily when the surfaces are not cluttered. This is especially important where employees share work spaces.

A tidy desk means that there’s nothing lying around to distract you. If there are no visible piles of paper with unfinished tasks, you can focus on the task at hand. A clean desk means you have better hygiene habits and are less likely to become unwell.

Within your company vehicles, ensure your employees keep any paperwork in order and all tools are put back in the correct place. If you have toolboxes or containers, these are where the equipment should go – not just left lying around in the back of the van. Not only will this look tidier, but is likely to extend the life span of the equipment as it’s less likely to get damaged.

As the lighter mornings and evenings have arrived, how more motivated and focused could you and your people be if you were to carry out a spring clean?

Being disorganised is draining, and bad for business. If you’re trying to multi-task in a mess, take action today to change your habits.

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