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Top Ten Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your HR Function

One of the things we get asked is when and how you should outsource your HR.  There’s no right or wrong reason as to when – you might be a start up, or you may employ 50 or more staff, it’s really up to you in terms of what you want HR to be in your business.

We understand that deciding who your outsourced HR provider should be can be a difficult decision, and we would like to help you with your decision making.

When it comes to choosing an HR Consultant you generally you have two main choices, a smaller independent HR consultant, or a larger HR organisation.

Is your business a hive of technology, keen to make the most of latest developments in order to maximise efficiency and productivity?

If so, you might be surprised to learn that your staff are at risk from technostress, a relatively new term being coined to describe a very modern set of challenges.

Today almost all businesses can benefit from using social media to promote their products and services, strengthen their brand identity and increase customer engagement.

However, when it comes to deciding who should run their social media channels, many businesses are left flummoxed.

The traditional 9-5pm working day has long since been redundant but the move towards flexible working patterns is quickly gathering momentum.

With effect from 30th June 2014, all employees with more than 26 weeks continuous service were given new rights to request flexible working patterns.

Concern #1: Loss of control

Something that many employers fear is the loss of control of their HR responsibilities when they choose to outsource part of their processes. The fact is that although you are moving a key business process to another provider, you are still in control and responsible for its success.

A good HR service provider will work closely with you, the employer, to ensure that you still oversee all of the HR decisions made for your company.

I wrote an article yesterday on succession planning which discussed the steps a business could take to ensure they develop talent and fill critical roles in the organisation.  You can read more here .

It's coincided with the news that Manchester United have dismissed their manager, David Moyes.  Clearly, the club did not have a succession plan in place to replace Sir Alex Ferguson which is incredible when you consider the fact his retirement was on the cards for a few years.

For large organisations with the resources to match, having an HR department to deal with the day-to-day business of managing the people in the company to get the best out of their capabilities is par for the course. However, for small or medium-sized enterprises, finding the money to invest in dedicated HR support can be nigh-on impossible.