If you live and work in Edinburgh, then you will know all about the hype surrounding the Scottish Cup Final on May 19 at Hampden Park.  Hibs v Hearts is the first Edinburgh Scottish Cup Final since 1896.

For employers who operate on a Saturday, this could prove to be a bit of a staffing nightmare.  Supporters from both clubs will want to go, others will want to watch the game.  Some of your customers may wish to watch the game so your business could be quiet.

As an employer, what should you do?  Here are some of my suggestions which will help keep your employees engaged and motivated, and ensure you continue to operate effectively: –

Where possible, accommodate time off for those who have tickets.  Can you grant holiday leave, ask them to make the time up at a later or earlier date or explore shift swap options?

Show the game in the workplace – dedicate a room that is suitable which allows your employees to watch the game whilst they are at work.

Is it cost effective for you to open on Cup Final day?  Consider your customers – are they likely to expect you to be open for business?

Consider closing early – the game kicks off at 3pm, could you close at 2.30pm?  What impact would this have on your customers?

If you do decide to change your operating hours, remember to ensure you communicate this effectively to your customers.  It’s all well and good trying to look after your workforce, but remember without customers you won’t survive!  Communication is the key.

You may also want to create a buzz in the lead up to the Cup Final, allowing your workforce to get behind this and create some excitement.  If you involve them in this you will also improve levels of engagement which could help your profits in the lead up to the final – all of which could justify you closing for business early on Cup Final day!

Finally, if you do show the game in the workplace ensure all your staff are aware of what behaviour is acceptable – you don’t want to deal with grievances on Monday after colleagues have fallen out.  If you do, then remember we can help so feel free to contact us.

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