Occupational Health looks at the relationship between the workplace and health. Furthermore, this also focuses on the individual concerned as a patient and an employee. As part of our occupational health Glasgow, Fife and Scotland service, we can support you to help your staff with their physical and mental wellbeing. We will also help you to manage short and long-term absence, drug and alcohol testing. We will also help you with health checks.

This branch of medicine advises employees and employees the best way forward to improve health. The main goals are to identify and support employees with problems caused by work. It also mutually benefits both parties by helping to improve physical and mental health in a business. The great thing about having a first point of call for occupational health is that they are non-bias. In addition, they are simply there to identify the problem and solve it.

One of the most common illnesses is stress. Stress is caused by regular events at work or home. Introducing good Occupational Health services in your workplace can help staff find the cause of their stress. As an employer, you can make small alterations or changes to your workplace to improve this.

What Can Occupational Health Glasgow Do For You?

An employee’s health can have a massive effect on their work life. This can either be in a positive or negative way. If staff are healthy mentally and physically, this will reflect greatly in their work. Staff are also more likely to have positive relationships in work. If they are in poor health, this can lead to increased absence. Occupational health Glasgow not only looks at a staff member’s mental state, they will also look at their physical fitness. Furthermore, this is to ensure they are strong and well enough to complete their job.

While you don’t have a responsibility for the general health of your workers, morally it’s important to look after them. However, you are legally expected to ensure you are focusing on your employee’s occupational health. One way to do this is by insisting the workplace is a healthy and safe environment.

If you have an interest to discover more about our Occupational Health Glasgow, Fife, and Scotland service, you can contact us now on 01383 668178. Why not get a better idea of prices first, head over to the pricing section on our website now? We hope to speak to you soon and look forward to helping you with occupational health in your business.

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