It’s not often the maids that aren’t milking properly, but it does happen that you may find yourself with an employee who is underperforming, not pulling their weight or not actually doing the job you are paying them to do.

This is usually for one of two reasons, either the employee is lacking in the skills or experience to do what you’re asking of them, in which case they would need supporting and/or training. After doing this you would expect to see an improvement, but if things don’t improve you don’t just have to put up with it. We can help you manage up or out.

Another reason the employee is not meeting your required standard is that they have the wrong attitude at work. This is worryingly common. In this instance, you would quite simply tell the employee what is expected of them and that failure to improve may result in disciplinary action, then follow through if things don’t improve.

Although this is simply and plainly put here, it’s important to remember it’s about being reasonable and setting expectations. Call us for advice and support on dealing with underperformance, don’t just accept it, it’s affecting your business.

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