Ramadan in the work place

Ramadan started on 5th of May where many Muslims around the world fast from Sunrise to sunset, ending on 4th June. As an employer, it is important you consider your employees taking part in Ramadan, and look at ways you can support them throughout this time.

Engagement is key

Engage one to one with your staff who are currently experiencing Ramadan and discuss ways you can make the working environment fit around this. Showing understanding and compassion at this time will make your team feel supported. This will also build a positive working relationship.

Flexible Working

We advise you to consider the dates of Ramadan in advance. Look in to who in your team this can affect. If you have the opportunity to offer flexible working at this time, then we encourage you to do so. This can include shift swapping and working from home. Offering this will build trust within your team and make staff feel comfortable to approach you for possible further support.

Support your Staff with Special Requirements

If your business requires your team to work late hours, make sure there are a varied choice of meals available for staff fasting. Furthermore, give Muslim staff allowance to take personal time at sunset to break their fast. In addition, allow enough time for staff to pray and eat.

Appropriate Meeting Times

Keep in mind that fasting for a long period of time can be incredibly difficult and scheduling meetings in the evening can be stressful for many people. In addition, morning meetings may be a more appropriate time for concentration. You may have a range of evening functions coming up in your company. We encourage you not to make this compulsory as this is a crucial time for many of your staff members to eat and pray with family.


Eid is a festival that marks the end of Ramadan. This is a very important time for Muslims and we encourage you to allow this time off to celebrate. Eid starts at the sighting of the new moon which can mean that staff may not know the specific days yet. We encourage you to keep this in mind and be flexible with your staff to allow them this time off.

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