What is an HR plan and do I need one for my business?

It’s hard to believe that we are now into the New Year already. I hope all the plans you put into place at the end of 2017 are on target. This is unlike a new year’s resolution which only lasts a few weeks.

As a business owner, you’ll probably have a business plan. This can include what your sales targets are for the year, profit, products, marketing strategies. You’ll probably also have a marketing plan which will support your business goals for the year.

What is an HR plan?

Many of you may be asking, ‘What is an HR plan’. This is simply your plan for the year that involves your people. An HR plan will include your recruitment and resourcing plans, training and development activity, performance reviews, succession plans, health and safety, company events, reward and recognition. You should have each area highlighted on your plan. look at all the months of the year and plot what activity happens when.

You can also use your HR plan to schedule your management meetings and team meetings. Plan this for the year, sharing this information with your teams. This sends a message out that communication is important. You are then held accountable to ensure these dates are met. When I’m working onsite with clients who have a marketing plan, I will review this and discuss with the senior management team.  We will look at whether we are on track or if we need to make updates. Similar to you business plans, things change and you have to react. your HR plan is the same.

We hope this article will make ‘what is an HR plan’ a question you will no longer have to ask yourself.

If you’d like a free sample of what an HR Plan would look like, feel free to email me at alistair.booth@thehrbooth.co.uk.

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