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Over the last five years social media has played an increasingly prominent role in the way employers recruit their staff. It is clear that social media is changing the way employers recruit their staff in this article we will explain how.

Advertising job roles

Although companies are still using traditional methods to advertise job roles, such as posting them on job boards, job search sites and their own websites, there have been an increasing number of companies also advertising their job vacancies on social media sites. The most popular social media sites used by businesses to advertise job roles are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are currently seeking a new job, it is a good idea to follow the companies that you are interesting in working for, so you can keep up to date with their latest job vacancies.


LinkedIn is the perfect place for job seekers and businesses to connect

More and more companies are using LinkedIn as a way to advertise job vacancies and connect with candidates. LinkedIn differs from other more traditional social media sites as it is classed as a professional networking site that fuses together social media and job search.

Many job seekers use LinkedIn to look for work so it is essential for companies to set up profiles on the platform.

Not only is LinkedIn great for searching for potential candidates, but it is also great for networking and connecting with other professionals in your industry. Even if a candidate is not suitable for the particular job a business is advertising, it still may be worth connecting with them for future opportunities.

Searching for potential candidates

As well as advertising job roles on social media, many companies are also using it to actively search for potential candidates. An effective way to do this is to search on Twitter using relevant hash tags. All businesses have to do is type in a hash tag like ‘#jobseeker’ or ‘#jobsearch’ and they will be presented with a number of tweets from users looking for jobs.

Companies are also sending out ‘tweets’ and Facebook statuses about their available job vacancies which are ‘retweeted’ and shared to hundreds and sometimes even thousands of users.

Social media websites make it much easier for companies to advertise their jobs and search for employees on a large scale. Not only that but it is also a free, helping HR teams to keep their recruitment costs to a minimum.

Vetting potential candidates

Many companies consider vetting potential candidates by looking at their social media pages as an essential part of the recruitment process. Vetting candidates via social media is an effective way of determining the personality of candidates and the level of professionalism. With this in mind it is essential that users turn on their privacy settings if they want to prevent potential employers from viewing content which may be deemed embarrassing. The alternate option is to create separate profiles for professional purposes.


Today social media is an important part of the recruitment process. Reports are showing that the number of businesses set to use social media as a tool to search for candidates, advertise job roles and vet potential employees is on the rise. Although traditional methods of recruiting staff are still relevant and important, companies looking to target job vacancies at younger generations definitely need to consider using social media as part of their recruitment strategies.

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