The staff you hire can make a huge difference to the overall success of your event. Whilst you could create an online job advert asking people to apply to work at your event, the better option is to hire staff through a professional event staffing agency. In this article we will explain the top reasons why you should turn to an event staffing agency for help, when planning an important event.

Benefit from their expert knowledge

If you are planning a technology event, you will need staff with technology skills.

If you are new to event planning, you may be unsure of the sort of people you need to hire to help you run your event. By hiring event staff through an agency you can benefit from their expert knowledge and experience. They will ask you about the type of event you are planning and will be able to recommend staff based on their skills, experience and areas of expertise. The event staffing agency will choose candidates that will be able to represent your brand well and meet your staffing requirements. Staff that have experience in working similar events are more likely to do the job to a higher standard than those that lack experience.

Reduce the risk of no-shows

Although you may try and see the best in people, by hiring event staff yourself, you are essentially putting yourself at risk of no-shows. A no-show is when a member of staff fails to turn up for one reason or another. This can cause havoc if you do not have anyone that can replace them. It is encouraged that you hire staff through an event agency to reduce the risk of this happening. Event agencies know their people and have history working with them, so they will only recommend them if they are reliable.

If you are hiring event staff through an agency, they will be able to supply you with a backup member of staff to work your event if someone is absent. Agencies operate on recommendations and will not want to let any of their clients down, so you can have the peace of mind that your event staff will show up on time.

Save yourself a lot of time

Planning an event can be stressful and time consuming. You will have so many different things to think about and unfortunately it becomes easy to forget things. Reduce your stress levels and take some of the weight off your shoulders by hiring your staff through an event agency. They will ring around the staff they have on file, distribute information about your event and even sort out their wages on your behalf. Although you may want to try and do as much as you can yourself to save on costs, you will actually end up spending more on advertising jobs than you will hiring staff through a professional agency.

Allow yourself to enjoy your event

Event staffing agencies have databases full of potential staff with a wide range of skills from modelling, to acting, waitressing and presenting.

After all of your hard work and planning it is important that you get to reap the benefits and enjoy your event. Having professional, reliable and experienced event staff means that you will actually be able to relax and enjoy the event you have planned. You will be able to have confidence in their abilities as they will be guaranteed by the event staffing agency, which you cannot say the same for random people who get in touch via an online job advert.


Planning an event can be a big task, but it can be made a whole lot easier with the help of a professional event staffing agency. They will organise your staff on your behalf, reducing some of your work load and enabling you to concentrate on other important tasks.

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