Diversity & Inclusion is important in business. A workplace with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and cultures is crucial to achieving a successful, happy, and healthy environment in your business. No only will you gain variety of point of views and ideas, you will also give everyone a voice.

This creates a happier workplace that improves collaboration, boosts engagement, and potentially decreases absence levels. Here are further reasons why diversity & inclusion in the workplace is important.


On-boarding New Employees

Candidates want to be part of a workplace that values the importance of diversity & Inclusion. It shows your business solely focuses on talent and skills when recruiting. A business that recognises the importance of equality will gain the most talented employees. You will also have more of a chance to retain these new employees due to the welcoming atmosphere you’ve created.

Many people had more time to reflect and become more aware of social issues during the pandemic. In addition, candidates are paying attention to company values to ensure they align with their own. This includes policies focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusion. If you would like help to create a Diversity & Inclusion policy, contact us on 01383 668 178. 


Engagement & Productivity

A team that collaborate well with each other can go a long way to improve engagement and productivity in your business. More specifically, a diverse team can offer their wide range of experience that colleagues can learn from. Employees can benefit from exchanging ideas to come to a more productive and innovative solution. This will also help your business to shine in a quicker period of time compared to competitors that lack diversity and inclusion.



You are more likely to have new and innovative ideas and perspectives when you have an inclusive workforce. Diverse teams also have a better understanding of customer needs which will create a closer connection with your business and your audience.


£800,000 Fund

The Scottish Government have launched a two-year equality fund to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive. There will be £800,000 available in the initiatives first year and businesses can apply now for the 2022-2024 Fund. 

Organisations such as public sector, third sector, and private sector are eligible to apply for up to £75,000 in each year of the The 2022-2024 Workplace Equality Fund. This must be used on efforts to improve diversity in the workplace. This programme has been set up to support priority groups such as women, disabled workers, workers aged over 50, workers suffering with menopause symptoms, and minority ethnic workers.

The workplace equality Fund has said: ”By supporting employers to address and resolve longstanding barriers facing under-represented groups within the labour market, the fund endeavours to promote and embed principles of inclusivity and fairness within Scotland’s workplaces.”

Applications are open until 11th April 2022. Find out more here: https://equalityadvice.scot

If you would like to find out more about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, contact us now.

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