Historically, employment legislation changes come into force each April and October.  However, this year this is changing and we are seeing various changes happening throughout the year.  For a business owner, this can be quite a stressful thought, but that’s why The HR Booth can help support your business.

We offer affordable, HR support when you need it – acting as your HR Business Partner, we will take care of any changes to legislation, allowing you to focus on the day job.

Last week we shared the parental leave changes that came into force earlier this month.  Here are some other changes to be aware of.

Collective Redundancy Consultation

Currently, where a business proposes making 100 or more employees redundant, there is a 90 day consultation period.  This will reduce to 45 days and is due to come into force on 6 April 2013.  If you are proposing to make fewer redundancies but more than 20, you are still required to consult for 30 days – this is not changing.

Cap on Unfair Dismissal Awards

By the summer of 2013, the cap on the compensatory award in unfair dismissal claims will equal one year’s salary instead of the existing limit of £74,200.  It’s not that common for the upper limit to be paid, however employers should continue to follow the appropriate procedures when dealing with dismissal cases.  In cases where the dismissal is a result of discrimination, the award remains unlimited.

Political Opinion or Affiliation

By the summer of 2013, this piece of legislation will come into effect.  This is where an employee will not require any qualifying service where a dismissal relatess to political opinions or affiliation.  We recommend employers have some guidance to give to their employees on this topic and we will work with you to draft this.  This is a fairly topical issue as the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act is now seeing some arrests, and whilst this applies to football matches, people who have strong political beliefs may voice these at work.  And as we all know, next year those of us in Scotland will have the right to vote and I’m sure as the Yes/No Campaigns get fully underway we will have some workplace discussions!!

Flexible Parental Leave and Flexible Working

Although there’s no definite date for this, it will be discussed during the Spring of 2013 and proposes that eligible employees can share all of the maternity leave and pay (excluding the first 2 weeks).

The flexible working part will apply to all employees who qualify based on length of service and not just those who are parents or carers.


Don’t be, The HR Booth is here to help business owners and we will ensure your contracts, employee handbooks and procedures are kept up to date with the changes to legislation.

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