Meet Jenna MacBeth, our fantastic Human resource Consultant. Jenna joined our team this Summer and has already made a great impression with our clients. Discover Jenna’s career journey and how her first couple of months at The HR Booth has gone.


My career journey before The HR Booth


”Compared to a lot of others I know who have fallen into an HR Career, I have had a fairly straight forward and planned journey in to the industry. My 6th Year Leavers book said I was most likely to become an Agony Aunt so seeing as I didn’t plan to be a Therapist, HR seemed like the next best alternative! I studied Business at Napier University with my 3rd year being spent on Placement with a very small HR Consultancy and really I started my career in HR from there.

After this, I went on to study my MSc in Human Resources Management while still working in an HR role. This allowed me to study the theory as well as getting the opportunity for practical guidance. I stuck to roles within Consultancy firms for a few years working under a number of experienced HR Professionals. This allowed me to learn best practice, giving me a very wide and varied experience of the people challenges that we regularly face. 

The opportunity to work internally for a family business arose which gave me a new perspective on HR. It also added a lot of additional skills and experience to my bag of tricks. Embedded HR is very different as you get more opportunity to deal with issues proactively, putting measures in place to reduce the problems arising further down the line and being able to make a real difference to the value – that is the experience that I am hoping to now bring to our clients at the HR Booth, to ensure we deal with issues proactively before they even have an opportunity to arise.


What I’ve helped clients with so far


Over my first few months with The HR Booth I have had the pleasure of assisting our clients on a number of areas within their businesses. I have helped with a number of long term absence issues where we have successfully got the employee back to work or been able to bring the employment to an end. I have also advised on a number of Maternity cases (the predicted COVID baby boom continues!), reviewed various employee documentation, and been able to assist employers in filling some crucial business roles.

There have been investigations and meetings for Disciplinary and Grievance cases, some of which have been more complex than others but all with the same outcome – they have provided a learning opportunity for the employers and also allowed us to set measures to reduce the likelihood of these issues arising again.

I am very much looking forward to what the next few months might bring. I’m also interested to see how the HR and Employment landscape is going to continue to change as we head back into winter.”


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