Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on ways to improve health and safety in the workplace. We think working with an Occupational Health Nurse is one of the most beneficial ways to improve and maintain health. This is because they have specialised training in occupational health and safety issues.

If your team are physically and mentally healthy, this will have a positive effect on their work. In contrast, if your employees are in poor health, this can lead to regular absence. In addition, Occupational Health is an important part of the workplace as it ensures staff are strong and well enough to complete their job.

Here’s our top tips to help you weigh up the benefits of investing in an occupational health nurse in your business:

Promoting Health

Occupational Health Nurses will create projects to promote positive lifestyle and helpful steps to keep the workplace healthy. These promotions not only focus on mental health issues, it also looks at physical health such as preventing injury and viruses.


OHN’s manage counselling programmes in your workplace and provide appropriate referrals and helpful resources.

When an employee is struggling with their physical or mental health, they may feel more comfortable seeking support if they know they can easily access a medical professional.

Preventing Hazards

Occupational Health Nurses look at possible hazards in the workplace and give suggestions on simple ways to improve this. In addition, they will provide you with analysis to be aware of the workplace issues, the patterns that have created the problems, and the solutions to put in place.

Legal Compliance

With legislation changing regularly, it can be helpful to have an experienced Occupational Health expert to make sure your business is compliant and following the law. 

Promoting Wellness Saves Money

We all know that sickness and absence can cost a business a lot of money. In addition, we think introducing an occupational health nurse to your team will save money as they actively promote healthy lifestyles and support employees to reduce sickness and absence as much as possible.

If you would like to learn more about our Occupational Health service, you can contact us now on 01383 668178. Why not get a better idea of prices first, head over to the pricing section on our website now? We hope to speak to you soon and look forward to helping you with all your occupational health needs.

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