We are passionate about employee engagement here at The HR Booth as this will lead to improved business performance in your organisation. This improved performance can lead to increased profitability, productivity, employee retention, customer metrics, and safety levels.

We want to share our top tips with you to help you improve employee performance in your business.

Communicate clear goals and expectations to your employees

The majority of employees strive to be part of a successful company and want to know how they can contribute to this success. For targets to be effective and meaningful in boosting your employee’s morale, they must be realistic and suited to the skill base that the employee has.

Share information and numbers

Let your staff know how your business is progressing as well as how their work is contributing to this. When you keep your employees regularly updated, they feel like a valued member of the team.

When communicating with your employees, it is important to remain optimistic and honest. This doesn’t stop you from sharing bad news as this is important to share too. You can deliver this information in a more strategic way to reduce the risk of deflating your staff.

Encouraging good communication with your employees can make them feel more comfortable to approach you about any useful information they have. This will allow you to have a better understanding of progress and also make your staff feel supported.

Create a strong team environment

Strong employee engagement is dependent on how well employees get along. It is important that you encourage your team to support each other and participate in a team environment.

A good way to promote positive working relationships is to set up team building exercises that the team can work on together. This can be difficult to do in a busy working environment, but it is important to show your staff that they are important and you are willing to invest time in supporting them.

Encourage Feedback

You can get insight into what is important to your employees, and their opinion on your managing skills. We encourage you to be open-minded and encourage your employees to express their feelings and ideas without criticism. This means you must give your employee your full attention and using effective listening skills. As a manager, it is important to address your employees concerns in the most positive way you can.

Show your staff how this feedback is being used to improve performance in the company. This will make them feel part of the progression of the company, and feel comfortable to express their honest opinion.

Provide feedback

When people are made aware that they are doing a great job, they will continue to keep up the great work. This will also show them that you view them as a valued member of the team. Providing someone with a little recognition on what they’re doing well can go a long way towards boosting morale. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore any weaknesses, just don’t make the weaknesses the only focus area of feedback.

Support employees in their work and growth

You can support employee’s growth by encouraging further education and learning opportunities. Giving your employees opportunities will allow them to see a future working in your organisation, encouraging them to continue to work hard.

Maintaining interactions that support employee’s personal development in your company is Important. It gives your organisation an outstanding reputation, and develops a loyal team.

If you would like more advice on how to improve employee performance, contact us now.

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