Period has been a Taboo word since the beginning of time. In addition, no one wants to or feels comfortable to talk about it. Organisations such as Developing People Globally are opening up the conversation to break down the taboo and tackle period stigma in the workplace.

Despite this breakthrough, this continues to affect menstruators globally. Reports suggest that over a third of women in the UK have experienced bullying or period shaming at their work place. Developing People Globally have surveyed 2,000 people to discover how damaging period stigma can be in the UK. Furthermore, the results are eye-opening.

The Facts

The survey shows that around 60% of respondents feel uncomfortable to speak about menstruation with their team or managers. This lack of conversation is causing health issues with many women. Menstruation can create cramps, back pain, and some women may even suffer from endometriosis. The DPG survey suggests over half of people who face these conditions have lied to their managers when phoning in sick.

A lack of conversation is not the only problem menstruaters have to face. Almost a third of people feel that their colleagues don’t view period pain as a ‘real illness. Almost three quarters of people feel so uncomfortable in the workplace that they hide their sanitary products.

How to Tackle Period Stigma in the Workplace

Unfortunately, period stigma in the workplace still remains. In addition, it’s important you put things in place to tackle this in your business. Discussing menstruation with an employee can still feel uncomfortable for both parties. However, it’s important you let your employees know you will support them with any issues they have.

A place to start is by ensuring you have facilities such as sanitary bins in the toilets. You can even take this a step further and provide employees with heat pads and back supports. Employees would also appreciate sanitary products being placed in the toilets to avoid any problems.

Learn More With DPG

If you would like to learn more about Period Stigma in the workplace, we highly recommend you visit the Developing People Globally website. They have completed an interesting article with extensive research on period stigma. You will also find extra hints and tips to tackle this in your organisation.

If you would like to find out how you can support your employees, feel free to contact us now.

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