We recently engaged with the Career Transition Partnership to offer our wide range of vacancies to talented ex-service people. John Mullen, our fantastic HR Consultant brought the CTP to our attention. John previously worked in the RAF and is a perfect example of a hard-working, dedicated, and highly skilled person that has had a positive impact on our team and business. In addition, we want to share the benefits of recruiting Ex Military, what the Career Transition partnership is, and services available.    


The benefits of recruiting Ex Military 


Recruiting Ex military gives you the opportunity to welcome hard working and talented employees to your team. These talented people offer a wide range of experience. This includes nurses, engineers, technicians, IT experts, drivers, pilots, chefs, operation managers, communication experts and much more.  


Ex-military workers have worked in the most complex environments that rely heavily on strong team work. Furthermore, the highly pressurised situations they have worked through has helped them to adapt quickly, take responsibility for their own actions, and resolve issues as soon as they are presented with them. They have also built and used the most highly developed technology. However, this is just a small example of what service leavers have to offer.   


They are not only team players, they are also highly trained, self-determined individuals that have the confidence and ability to work independently. As well as this, employees have also gained organisation, communication, and leadership skills that have been developed in the most difficult environments.  


All these skills are not only transferrable to a wide range of roles and sectors, you will also be gaining a highly experienced, and self-disciplined employee that will improve your business. 


Career Transition Partnership  


The Career Transition Partnership are the official provider of armed forces resettlement. They make the transition of leaving the armed forces as smoothly as possible. CTP offer service leavers support from 2 years before discharge to 2 years after. One of the main ways that CTP help is by offering services and tips to showcase the skills people have made during their time in the armed forces to possible employers.   


The ministry of Defence’s Career Transition Partnership can help with CV writing, interview techniques, sourcing and applying for vacancies. Employers can also benefit from the service provided by CTP. They help to connect talented ex-service people with employers searching for highly-skilled and reliable candidates.   



Services Available  


The CTP offer free and bespoke recruitment support to UK employers. The first stage of support includes building relationships between businesses and employer groups. This is important to generate exciting career opportunities for service leavers. These opportunities can range from trainee roles to executive roles. 


Once these roles have been identified, CTP looks at what each sector needs and the skills ex-military have to meet these recruitment needs. As part of this analysis, they look at the skill gaps, the current vacancies within each sector, and what training they will need to provide in order for candidates to be qualified for these roles. This information is then shared with everyone signed up with the Career Transition Partnership. This includes service leavers and employers.     


You can find out more about the service provided by CTP on their website now. https://www.ctp.org.uk/employers   


If you would like to find out more about recruiting Ex-Military, you can also contact us now on 01383 668 178 or info@thehrbooth.co.uk 

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