Recruitment has surged since the end of the first lockdown in July 2020, and it’s clear that businesses are going above and beyond to gain and retain talented candidates. Financial support from the Government, and employees’ quick adaption to remote working has played a part in this fantastic recovery. However, the working world has changed dramatically since the pandemic first hit which has left employers looking at recruitment technology trends to adapt to these changes.


A lot of organisations are investing in technology such as Applicant Tracking Systems, Video technology for interviews, Psychometric testing, Project Management Software, and even Virtual Reality. It’s believed that technology is the future of recruitment and now is the time to get on board so you are not left behind.


Applicant Tracking System

An applicant Tracking System is a type of software that enables businesses to handle their recruitment campaigns all in one place. An ATS can collate all your candidates so you can contact all your applicants in bulk. You can also post out on premium job boards to attract the best fit for your roles. We have collaborated with Hireful to offer our clients an easier way to manage their recruitment. You can find out more HERE 

Using an ATS also enhances the candidate experience. Are you doing enough to be an Employer of Choice?


Video Interviews  

Video interviewing allows recruiters to source quality candidates in a less time-consuming way. While face-to-face interviews continue to be an important part of recruitment, video interviews can be a great way to rely on when face-to-face interviews are not possible. If your role is truly remote, do you need a face to face interview anyway?


Your time is precious and so is that of your candidates. Getting time off work to attend multiple job interviews isn’t easy, so why not make this an easier process and better experience for your candidates and have a flexible approach to video interviews? This will save you time.


We’ve embraced video interviews in our own businesses. This has worked well for us, and some new appointments we didn’t meet in person until after they joined. For other roles, we’ve used video interviews as the first part of the selection process and then followed up by in person interviews. Video interviews are here to stay in our business.


Some businesses are now using videos as part of their application process, asking candidates to discuss the value they can bring to your business and why they want to work for you. This gives employers a chance to assess people’s enthusiasm and drive, as this can come across on camera.


Psychometric Testing  

Psychometric testing is becoming more popular in the recruitment world. This is due to its ability to measure candidate’s natural abilities and mental capabilities. This type of testing relies on candidates to take a range of tests to determine how well they fit in with the job role and workplace. These tests include logical, verbal, situational, and mathematical reasoning.


Psychometric tests may measure:

  • Aptitude – how people differ in their ability to perform or carry out different tasks.
  • Interests – how people vary in their motivation, in the direction and strength of their interests, and in their values and opinions.
  • Personality – how people differ in their style or manner of doing things, and in the way they interact with their environment and other people.


How Technology Impacts Candidates 

Recruitment Technology methods can allow candidates to present themselves to employers in a unique way. Instead of mainly relying on qualifications and work experience, candidates can now present their critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence. This allows employers to ensure they on-board employees who have the skills but also fit perfectly with the team too.


In Conclusion

As we begin to learn to live with Covid-19, the recruitment sector is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. However, in order for employers to benefit from this growth, they may need to invest in technology and look at modern recruitment efforts to gain and retain quality team members.


If you would like support with your recruitment, contact our recruitment experts on 01383 668 178.  

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