There’s one core essential component to every business, no matter what field you work in or what type of product or service you provide: staff.

Without the right staff no business can be truly successful; whether it’s knowledge, attitude or dedication – or all three! – Any company relies on its staff to drive it forward.

Getting your HR processes and policies right are key to creating a harmonious workplace but that’s often easier said than done. Here’s a look at some of the trends and resolutions for HR in 2015 that you might want to consider.

Community approach

An online presence is important for many candidates now when applying for jobs

If you need to recruit, simply placing an advert in the right place might do the trick but how do you attract the top candidates to your organisation?

Increasingly, taking a community approach and forging a local reputation is being seen as the key to success.

This means shifting away from a reactive approach, to taking a more proactive and dynamic attitude, creating the desire to work for your business even before opportunities arise.

Taking steps to become known in the community, creating “fan clubs” and helping your target audience to feel connected to your business won’t just create more sales, but will automatically forge organic links which will serve you well when it’s time to recruit.

Surveys have suggested that employee’s value honesty as one of the most important traits in any employer, so engaging with the community and operating an open-door approach will fit in well.

Online presence

There’s nothing new about using social media and the internet to attract the brightest candidates, but 2015 is the year when it becomes a real essential.

Blog posts and social media platforms will become the way for firms to establish a presence and stand out from the crowd. Some studies suggest that as many as six out of ten candidates are more likely to apply for a job at a company that has a social media profile.

Whether you already have a profile, or are new to social media, 2015 is the year to get more involved and use this modern type of networking to reach a wider audience.

Clear technology policy

Clear policies on technology use are needed in the modern office

Smartphones have stretched HR policies and made it vital to have a clear set of rules around the permissible use of social media and the workplace.

Some companies don’t permit smartphones to be switched on during working hours, whilst others ask employees to sign a disclaimer prohibiting the discussion of business matters on social media.

However, technology is set to become even less overt with the development of smartphones, and even smart glasses. Wearable technology is set to be THE trend of 2015 which means you need to be certain your HR policies are sufficiently robust to handle it without ambiguity.


Diversity has been at the forefront of HR for many years but its set to have an even greater profile during 2015.

As Generation Z – those born from 1995 onwards – start to migrate towards the workplace, there will be four different generations working alongside each other. With different experiences and expectations, it’s a source of potential conflict and something which needs to be managed carefully.

Ensuring there are no barriers whether its age, race or gender should be a priority for every company, along with recognising and appreciating the qualities that each generation can bring to the workplace.

Inclusion and diversity will be the buzzwords for 2015, so make sure that your policies reflect this accordingly.


HR is an area which will never stop evolving and to stay compliant with the latest regulations and employment law it’s important to keep up with the latest news and trends. However, by taking a proactive approach to HR for 2015 you’ll also improve retention rates by keeping existing staff happier and also attracting the hottest new talent ahead of the competition.

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